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3-Step makeup looks from our favorite bloggers

Busy Mom Beauties

Busy Mom Beauties


Audrey McClelland

Audrey McClelland left a busy career with the fast-paced fashion world of Donna Karan International in New York City to be at home with her children. But being a mom of five doesn’t mean her life has slowed down — at all! She’s always on the hunt for quick ways to look great, and she recently struck gold during a trip to a local beauty counter. Read her post on Mom Generations to learn about three hot looks that will take five minutes or less.


Busy doesn’t even begin to describe Danielle Smith. She’s a digital correspondent, host, storyteller, speaker, media trainer, vlogger and author who just released her second book. She’s also the founder and primary contributor to Extraordinary Mommy. Somehow, she masters all this while raising her two children. Her busy days don’t allow her a lot of mirror time in the morning, so she sticks to the same quick and easy steps no matter what kind of look she’s going for. Read her post to find out what those steps are.


Tammy Gibson is a busy mom who believes you don’t have to sacrifice your good looks or pampering sessions just because you’ve joined the mommy team. She’s found a way to help you put on your best face, even with a mom’s morning-time constraints. Read her blog, A Mom in Red High Heels, to learn three easy looks you can pull off in minutes each morning. You can hit that snooze button an extra time or two and still fly out that door looking like a million bucks!

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Don’t fret if your local Kohl’s store isn’t one of the more than 250 across the nation with an upgraded beauty counter. Head over to for all their drool-worthy beauty finds.

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