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3-Step makeup looks from our favorite bloggers

Here at SheKnows, we’ve long known that Kohl’s is a go-to spot for cute (and affordable!) fashions. So when we found out that the retailer was relaunching its beauty department, we couldn’t wait to send some of our favorite bloggers and Experts Among Us to test out the goods!

Kohls beauty counter

If there’s one thing we could all use more of, it’s time. So we asked a few of our beauty experts to head to their local Kohl’s counter and create three-step beauty looks to fit into any woman’s schedule (and budget). Got a few extra minutes? We also asked our favorite nail gurus — whom we’ve dubbed the Lacquered Ladies — to give us their winter nail trends.

Makeup Mavens

Makeup mavens beauty experts


Lianne Farbes

Life has a way of getting us down sometimes, and Lianne Farbes likes to get her pick-me-ups in the form of visits to local beauty counters. She’s a beauty expert with over 20 years in the industry, so she really knows her stuff! In her newest post on The Makeup Girl, she shows us some new tricks she’s learned, including how to create a great day look and then take it into night with just a few simple tweaks!

Ashley Robertson

We’re hot for teacher! Ashley Robertson is a teacher by day and a blogger by night, bringing you all her favorite tips and tricks for beauty, style, home and more. Read her post on The Teacher Diva to find out about some of her favorite products and to watch a step-by-step video about achieving the perfect everyday look.

Dina Fierro

Veteran social-media guru and style blogger Dina Fierro of eye4style is on a mission to simplify her life. She decided to start with her makeup drawer and was super stoked to find one makeup palette that replaces tons of product. Read her post to find out what it is.

Laurie Leopold

312 Beauty is a Chicago girl’s guide to looking pretty, and Laurie Leopold is the lovely lady behind the blog. Despite her lifelong passion for products, she believes less is more when it comes to makeup. Read Laurie’s latest post to find out what her three must-have products are and how to use them to achieve your perfect look.

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