Kitchen accents in blues, whites and grays

Keep the winter blues from getting you down by giving your kitchen a mini makeover. Cute kitchen accents in soothing shades of blue, white and gray can help you keep your cool when things heat up.

The kitchen might be the heart of the home, but it often goes overlooked in the decorating department. We’ve spotted hot kitchen accents in cool shades to help you bring a little style to the busiest room of the house.


Find your zen during the busy entertaining season with a relaxing blue hue. Rather than sticking with just one type of blue, try mixing two different shades for a little bit of contrast. Indigo blue is trending big this year and pairs nicely with a robin egg blue. Nesting trays with playful patterns can keep car keys and bills from cluttering up the counter and can be put to work during a dinner party by dishing up appetizers.

Blue kitchen accents

  1. Kitchenette indigo dish towels (Crate and Barrel, $13)
  2. Tiffany bows mug (Tiffany & Co., $35)
  3. Crunch bunch two-piece feeding set (Kate Spade, $40)
  4. Halo kettle (Le Creuset, $60)
  5. French trivet (Le Creuset, $13)
  6. Teema pasta bowl (DwellStudio, $24)
  7. Moroccan nesting trays (C. Wonder, $58)


White frequently gets overlooked as a go-to neutral shade to pair with other accent colors, but it can look oh-so-chic when given the spotlight. Interesting statement pieces that double as functional kitchenware provide plenty of eye candy while you’re cooking up a storm. Look for pieces with a variety of textures and a bit of whimsy to keep white from becoming a boring neutral. A touch of metallic can provide just the right dose of sparkle.

White kitchen accents

  1. Ridged canister (Anthropologie, $16-$24)
  2. White rabbit cookie jar (Anthropologie, $68)
  3. Milk bottle measuring cups (Anthropologie, $24)
  4. Sailor and siren salt and pepper shakers (Jonathan Adler, $48)
  5. Castle peak sugar bowl (Kate Spade, $50)
  6. Monochromatic cereal bowl (DwellStudio, $28)
  7. Marble platter with cloche (Z Gallerie, $100)


From the walls to the smallest accent, you can’t go wrong with using this latest “it” color in your kitchen. Darker gray accents paired with lighter gray walls make a chic monochromatic statement. Try mixing and matching gray accents in several different shades for an eclectic, collected look. Like to frequently change your look? Keep your regular accents in neutral grays and use paint to change the wall colors for a budget-friendly update.

Grey kitchen accents

  1. Aster stripe dish towel (Crate and Barrel, $5)
  2. Epicurean pig board (Crate and Barrel, $35)
  3. Marais tidbit plates (DwellStudio, $50)
  4. Room Essentials French press (Target, $11)
  5. Bottle grinder (Luminaire, $45)
  6. Gray Nixon salt and pepper shakers (Jonathan Adler, $38)
  7. Wesco Grandy bread box (Williams-Sonoma, $80)

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