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Who to follow on social media this Black Friday

Looking to score the best deal on the newest iPhone or maybe your favorite pair of designer boots? This year, social media comes to the rescue, offering ways to help you find the perfect gift and save money on all your holiday shopping.

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Whether you’re shopping for co-workers, your guy or your best friend, social media sites are rolling out the red carpet for shoppers this year, offering countless savings. From online coupons to member-only discounts and gift-card contests, avoid breaking the bank this holiday season by making social media part of your holiday shopping savings plan.


Black Friday is just around the corner. So before the biggest shopping day of the year commences, take some time to “Like” the Facebook pages of your favorite stores and brands. As an incentive, brands and stores often offer insider exclusives and other holiday discounts to their social media fans.

Who to follow: Looking for great discounts on designer bags, shoes, clothes and accessories? Kate Spade offers exclusive deals to all Facebook followers. Keep your eyes peeled to receive discounts of up to 75 percent off.


Simply taking a few minutes to follow your favorite brands and stores on Twitter can help you avoid going into the red on Black Friday. Find out about new products, giveaways and customer coupons with a click of a button.

Who to follow: From high-end furniture to kitchenware and kids and adult apparel, Hautelook is your one-stop shop for bargain shopping this holiday season. Become a follower and get exclusive access to deals on all your favorite name and designer brands for you, your family and your home.


Maybe you’re one of the brave individuals who are planning on venturing out to the closest retail stores for some post-Thanksgiving deals. If so, don’t forget to check in using the Foursquare app. Many businesses will offer special discounts and coupons to customers who are both new and repeat customers.

Who to follow: Before heading out for Black Friday, make sure to follow all your favorite retailers. Then join the Foursquare movement and check in as you move from store to store, getting the insider scoop on sales and discounts for the holidays.

Additional tips for Black Friday savings

  • Use hashtags like #BlackFriday to help find additional deals and savings online.
  • Keep your social and savings lives separate by using social media features like Facebook’s Groups and Twitter’s Lists to help organize your contacts.
  • Many stores offer discounts for engaging with their brand and sharing their content. Look for ways to connect with your favorite stores and brands to receive special discounts and holiday surprises.

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