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5 Winter color palettes for your bedroom

With the weather turning colder by the day, how do you plan to keep warm? Some may look to extra layers for warmth, while others will style their homes with colors that are cozy for the season. Here are five options you should consider for your bedroom.

5 Winter color palettes for your bedroom


Considered by some as a winter white, ecru is a creamy off-white color that is quite relaxing. Pairing well with warm and cooler tones, this is an elegant hue that will help expand the natural light around your room. Use ecru as a standalone color for a monochromatic scene, or alongside other colors for winter excitement. Regardless of your decision, this is a very popular color for the season.

Ecru bedroom color scheme for bedroom


(Wolf) Gray

Those interested in a darker neutral can indulge in wolf gray. A medium tone in the gray family, this color is warm enough to anchor the room while softly blending into the snowy exterior landscape. Wolf gray is a wonderful choice for the bedroom as its subtlety works well against cooler tones and even other neutrals, like brown and ecru. When using this gray, be cautious not to pair it with too rich or strong of a color, as the contrast could make the colors work against each other.

(Wolf) Gray color scheme for bedroom



This fruit is extremely popular during the fall and winter months — both as an edible and a decorative object for centerpieces. It also happens to offer that touch of vibrancy our interiors need as the seasons begin to change. Cranberry is extremely rich in color and will keep your bedroom toasty and exciting. This red hue creates an amazing statement against creamy neutrals and metallics like gold and copper.

Cranberry color scheme for bedroom



There’s a reason cocoa is so popular throughout the winter months — just think how it makes us feel. Like an amazing cup of hot chocolate, the neutral hue keeps our interiors nice and toasty. Partner cocoa with warm colors like red and gold, or cooler ones like blue for that classic wintry feel.

Cocoa color scheme for bedroom



Commonly associated with New Year’s Eve is Champagne, a luxe staple for the season. There is something so refined and festive about the bubbly shade that makes it especially lovely for the bedroom. Its metallic tint radiates glamour that styles well with grays and other neutrals. In fact, in many ways it’s a neutral in its own right, working well with practically any color.

Champagne color scheme for a bedroom

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