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Where to find the best deals on magazine subscriptions

Have a long list of magazines you want, but can’t afford the cost? Don’t fret — here are some tricks to find the best deals on magazine subscriptions for either yourself or as a gift.

Mother and daughter reading magazine together

Magazines can make great holiday presents because they’re the gift that keeps on giving. Once a month, over the next year, your loved one will head to her mailbox and rather than pull out a bill, she’ll see a glossy magazine cover waiting for her.

If you’re someone who can’t resist reading magazines while checking out at the grocery store, you know how subscriptions can add up. Here are some tips on how you can get the most magazines for your buck and save on subscriptions.

Try online giants

Online giant sites such as eBay and Amazon are great places to start when searching for discounted magazine subscriptions. Perform a search on eBay and you’ll find one-year subscription vouchers to popular magazines for as little as a few bucks.

Amazon also features subscriptions at a discounted rate, offering deals on all types of magazines, from travel and kids publications to fashion, mechanics and sporting magazines.

Reward yourself

By becoming a rewards member at various retailers, you can earn points that can go toward discounted or even free magazine subscriptions. Huggies, for example, offers a rewards program for parents who purchase their diapers and other products. Once customers compile enough points, they can trade them in for goods, which often include free subscriptions.

Pick up the phone

With any service, you can negotiate your bill. The same can be done with magazine subscriptions. Call the customer service line of the magazine you wish to subscribe to and ask if you are receiving the lowest rate as a first-time or repeat subscriber. Special rates also may be available if you’re a student or senior citizen.

Extend the subscription

Publishers may offer a better rate if you lock in your subscription for two years or more, rather than just one. Deals like these can save you a few bucks, plus give you leverage if you’re requesting a lower yearly subscription rate for being a long-term customer.

Set up a sharing circle

If you have a group of friends or relatives who enjoy reading magazines, set up a sharing circle where you swap magazines once you’ve finished reading them, giving you access to several magazine subscriptions without having to pay for all of them!

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