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How to make a magnetic makeup organizer for less than $20

The amount of time that we spend digging through our makeup bags can easily make a difference in whether we arrive at work on time or not. Rummaging through your cosmetic case can now be a thing of the past with this DIY magnetic makeup organizer that you can make for less than $20.


Gather your materials

Materials for magnetic makeup boad

The true beauty of this project lies in the fact that you can assemble your makeup board for less than $20. All you need is a magnetic board (like a dry erase board), a bandana, decorative trim, scissors, a hot-glue gun and some magnets.


Cover the board

Glueing onto the board

Be sure to buy a cute bandana, because it is going to be the backdrop for all of your makeup. Lay it on a flat surface and place your magnetic board on top of it, with the non-magnetic side facing you. Glue the bandana around the back edges of the board, making sure to pull tight so there isn’t any slack in the front.


Make it fancy


Take your trim and measure it around the edges of your board. After you snip it to the perfect size, make sure you glue on pieces from opposite sides first. For example, glue on the top and bottom pieces first. That way you can decide if you only want trim around half of your board or around the whole thing.


Prepare your makeup

Now that your magnetic board has been transformed from drab to fab, it’s time to organize your makeup! Buy magnets in a variety of sizes to ensure the perfect fit for all of your products, such as long strips for your eye-shadow palettes or small circles for your lipstick. Find magnets that already have adhesive on them, so you don’t have to deal with hot-gluing every piece of makeup you own. Now just attach the magnets to the makeup.


Stick ’em on

How to make a magnetic makeup organizer for less than $20

Now you’ve done all the labor, it’s time to stand back and bask in the glory of your brand-new makeup organizer. Prop the board up against a wall (or possibly hang it if that is more convenient) and start sticking on all of your favorite beauty products. You’ll never have to dig through your cosmetic bag again.

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