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Winter makeup habits harming your skin and your image

Winter is tough enough with the cold weather and lack of sunlight. The last thing you need to be dealing with is makeup blunders. That’s why we talked to celebrity makeup artist Julia Papworth about mistakes we’ve probably been making for years in the winter and what we should be doing instead.

Woman wearing bad winter makeup

Using soap-based cleansers

With the lack of moisture in the air you want to avoid anything drying, like harsh soap-based cleansers. Papworth suggests finding a more moisturizing cleanser so you do not strip your skin and cause dry patches.


Putting foundation on dry and flaky skin

Papworth says this is a very common mistake in the winter. To fix this, make sure to exfoliate a few times a week.


Going too frosty

Getting a little too caught up with the whole winter frost look is another common mishap, says Papworth. Glittery and frosty makeup do not necessarily define the winter party season, so try to tone it down.


Over bronzing

Katy Perry

Another common error is over bronzing. When it gets chilly out and our tan starts to fade, women often overcompensate by using too much bronzer or self-tanner. Papworth urges us to remember that it is OK to transition through a few different skin tones throughout the year, just as long as your makeup matches.

The bottom line

Whatever your beauty routine this season, Papworth says the biggest takeaway when it comes to rocking your makeup during the winter is to moisturize. No makeup looks good on dry and flaky skin, and no skin looks lush when it is dry and patchy!

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