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DIY gift wrapping: The best YouTube tutorials

We all know it’s better to give than to receive — but it’s even better to give when your packages are beautifully wrapped.

Woman wrapping gifts

Make your gifts stand out in a crowd

We all know it’s better to give than to receive — but it’s even better to give when your packages are beautifully wrapped.

It’s time to gear up for the busiest gift-wrapping season of the year, so why not learn some new tricks? Take your gift-wrapping technique to the next level and create beautifully wrapped packages even Santa would envy. The secret? We rounded up our favorite DIY YouTube videos on gift-wrapping ideas and techniques to get you started. We promise not to spill your secrets.

Gift wrapping 101

Just the basics: Need a place to start? This video is a great all-purpose tutorial on what supplies you need to have on hand — and some helpful, easy-to-understand gift wrapping tips.

Creative and fun: This tutorial has some clever ideas for wrapping ordinary gifts, even using things you already have around the house (like an old tin).

Icing on the cake

Wrapping it all up: Simply wrapping the package is only part of the game. To take your packages to the next level, you need beautiful ribbons, embellishments and a little bit of inspiration. This video has gorgeous examples of paper and ribbon combinations that really make your gifts pop.

Large bow: Want to really make a gift stand out? This tutorial shows you how to make a professional-quality large bow that will really impress.

Elaborate decorations: For extra-special gifts, such as for a baby shower or wedding, you can add extra details to the usual wrapping paper and bows.

Oddly shaped gifts

Sometimes the gift you need to wrap doesn’t come in a nice square box. While it’s tempting to just grab a gift bag and some tissue filler, your gift will impress even more when it’s expertly wrapped.

Champagne or wine bottle: With just a few sheets of tissue and some cellophane wrap you can create a beautiful gift for the wine or champagne lover. Using enough tissue is key for this one so that the label doesn’t show through. Adding a ribbon is a nice final touch for this simple yet elegant gift.

Large gift: Some gifts aren’t necessarily a difficult shape to wrap, but their size is an issue. An expert from high-end gift wrap and stationery store Papyrus shares the tricks to wrapping an oversized gift and making it look beautiful.

Circular object: Do you shy away from baking cookies for the neighbors because you can’t figure out how to wrap the tin? This is a great lesson on how to make those rounded objects look professionally wrapped — and it’s easy.

Gift basket: Another popular gift-giving option — but very difficult to wrap — is a gift basket. The possibilities for creating unique gift baskets are endless, once you know how to wrap them.

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