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New trends in dog food and treats

Always looking for the best new trends for your pup? Check out the top trends in fresh and flavorful dog food and treats.

Dog waiting for a treat

The latest trends in dog food are all about health. Dog foods that focus on specific needs like weight loss, performance and allergies appeal to health-conscious owners. Discover the hottest trends in dog foods to find out which is right for you and your pup.

The localvore craze goes to the dogs

Love that farm-to-table eatery in your neighborhood? Now your dog can enjoy the benefits of eating locally grown food and you can know that you’re supporting your local economy and the environment. The trick to locally produced dog food is finding a supplier. Not every area boasts a local dog food company. Check dog boutiques, groomers, co-ops and farmer’s markets for dog food availability. If you’re up for a canine culinary adventure, you can try making your own dog chow using locally grown and produced food. Just consult with your vet first. Dogs have very specific nutritional needs and generally don’t respond well to a sudden diet change.

Low-glycemic diets support dog health and weight control

Dogswell dog food

Special diets can be challenging for humans. We have to come up with a variety of meals that satisfy specific nutritional needs. Because dogs generally eat the same meal every day, it’s easier to support and sustain a diet with the right food. “Low glycemic diets focus on the combination of proteins, fats, and fiber and how they slow down the digestion of carbohydrates which prevents fat from being stored,” says Brad Armistead of Dogswell. Dogswell’s LiveFree line of dog food uses a blend of high-quality proteins and veggie to boost dogs’ health.

Freeze-dried foods and treats offer tasty alternatives

Primal freeze dreid food

If you’ve always wanted to feed your dog exotic and nutritious foods like bison and duck, freeze-dried foods and treats are an excellent alternative to highly processed dog food. Containing proteins as well as nutrient-rich veggies and fruits, freeze-dried dog foods resemble traditional kibbles but don’t contain unhealthy additives. Primal Pet Foods carries freeze-dried blends that are carefully formulated to contain only the foods that best support your dog’s digestive system.

Fresh refrigerated food and raw frozen food take it up a level

Freshpet dog food

You’ve always heard to avoid giving your dog real bones and table scraps. The truth is, some raw meats and bones are excellent for your dog’s health. Instead of raiding your fridge for dog food, give your dog raw frozen treats that are hand-picked for safety and nutrition. For mealtime, check out fresh refrigerated dog food at your local pet-supply store. Human-grade refrigerated dog foods like Freshpet are pricier than kibbles and canned wet food, but they give you the opportunity serve your dog food that’s cooked the way you cook your own food.

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