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Adorable holiday dog sweaters from Etsy

It’s almost the holidays and that means one thing and one thing only: dog sweaters! You read that right. Add some charm (and cable knit) to your canine’s wardrobe this winter, and let your puppy pal bask in the thousands of “That sweater is so cute!” compliments sure to come his way.


Snowflaking it up

Snowflake dog sweater

This classic snowflake sweater by Caridad Lopez of Charlie’s Closet is so cute we kind of wonder if she makes them in our size. Just maybe. A little. OK, a lot. Caridad? (Etsy, $60)


Christmas tree goodness

Christmas tree dog sweater

This cream Christmas tree number by Sarah of Inspired by Mocha is adorable and works oh so well with the winter color palette, a sure selling point for that puppy for yours. (Etsy, $32)


Happy Hanukkah

Hanukkah dog sweater

Happy Holidays to you and your dogs from My Savannah Cottage! This Hanukkah sweater is where it’s at. The colors! The yarn balls! The everything! (Etsy, $65)


Holiday hoodie

Hooded dog sweater

All right, all right, hooded Christmas sweater, you win. And Eve Au at Dunbyme, you win too for creating this masterpiece. The hood! We can’t. (Etsy, $26)


Sweater contest material

Ugly Christmas dog sweater

If you added a few bells and whistles to this outstanding holiday sweater from My Savannah Cottage, your dog would be set for an ugly sweater party, but only in the best, “Look how hip and actually kind of cute this sweater is” sort of way, you know? (Etsy, $100)

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