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Kelly Ripa’s body, beauty and Botox secrets

The 43-year-old talk show host and mom of three manages to look great all of the time thanks to working out religiously, eating right and a little Botox! We caught up with the charming Kelly Ripa at the NYC launch of AKT InMotion, a cardio dance toning class, to find out how she juggles it all.

Candid confessions
Kelly Ripa

SheKnows: What tips do you have for balancing a busy career, motherhood and working out?

Kelly Ripa: I will say this, to women who have young children: It gets exponentially easier when your children go to school full time. That’s when I started exercising — when my kids went to school because before then, I really could not find time for myself at all. So it’s really a question of just being patient and not beating yourself up, because eventually, they will go to school full time and you will have a few hours of the day to yourself.

SK: How does being a mom influence your fashion and style?

KR: I’m constantly being told that I’m wearing the wrong thing by my daughter, like this tonight. She thinks it’s not cool for a mom to wear a short skirt. Most of my clothes are activewear, like jeans and sweatshirts, because I spend a lot of time at sporting events and running from place A to place B, so I’m not usually dressed up besides on the air or if I’m at a party.

SK: How are you in such great shape after having three kids?

Kelly Ripa: I come to AKT minimally four times a week. In the summer, I try to go six times a week. I love fitness. I love what it does for my body, but I love what it does for my mind more. I feel like [my trainer] Anna Kaiser has changed my life in a very profound way. She makes me feel like impossible things are possible. When I met her, I was not very flexible; I had limited motion; I had some back and neck issues and she’s really changed all of that for me.

Kelly Ripa at AKT event

SK: Do you watch your diet closely as well?

KR: I always think about my diet because I feel like I work too hard to just suddenly eat a pizza. But I feel because I work out a lot, I can afford to have the occasional dessert or the extra carbohydrate if I want it.

SK: What beauty secrets have you learned over the years?

KR: Nothing works for me as well as Botox. Literally, nothing works as well as that! It’s true — I say it on my show too. I put on all the eye creams and I put on all the other stuff, but for me, that really does somehow have a profound effect on my face.

Kelly Ripa's favorite beauty products

SK: What are your favorite beauty products?

KR: I think whatever comes free in a goody bag is my favorite. It’s true. Whatever’s free, that’s what I like! I love that Rose Salve balm. I think it’s so nice everywhere. I put it everywhere… lips, elbows, knees, everywhere that might chafe. I love Tom Ford Nude Vanille lipstick. It’s very Farrah Fawcett in Charlie’s Angels. But as soon as the cameras are off, I wash my face. I’m a no-makeup girl!

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