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Santa Claws: 16 Adorable kitties dressed up like Santa

Warning: These Santa kitty pictures may cause extreme giggling, loud “oohing” and “ahhing,” and a sudden and urgent need to get a cat. In other words, you should look at them immediately. What are you waiting for?


“Am I doing the Mrs. Claus thing right?”

"Am I doing the Mrs. Claus thing right?"

Photo credit: Leung walwal via Flickr

“Ho-ho-ho, stop looking at me.”

"Ho, ho, ho, stop looking at me."

Photo credit: Joshua Cohen via Flickr

“Yes, Kate Moss is my relative — why do you ask?”

"Yes, Kate Moss is my relative, why do you ask?"

Photo credit: Christina Gandolfo via Flickr

“I would prefer to be called by my chosen name, Pensive Hipster Santa Kitty.”

"I would prefer to be called by my chosen name, Pensive Hipster Santa Kitty."

Photo credit: JennyYo via Flickr

“I know I’m adorable, OK. You don’t have to tell me every day. You should just tell me every hour on the hour.”

I know I'm adorable, OK.

Photo credit: Dara McG via Flickr

“Serious face. Serious face. Must take this Santa costume seriously. Serious face.”

Serious face.

Photo credit: __AK__ via Flickr

“I am a little frightened by your love and adoration of me in this Santa suit and will now back away slowly.”

Santa cat

Photo credit: Lux via Flickr

“I provide my own whiskers for the Santa costume, thank you very much.”

Santa cats

Photo credit: Jezika Lyn via Flickr

“Does this or does this not look like I took a selfie?”

Santa cat

Photo credit: janeyesee via Flickr

“Did someone say Christmas cookies with extra sprinkles?”

Santa cat

Photo credit: PlanetEarl via Flickr

“Fluffy bundle of Christmas delight, you call me? All right, then.”

Santa cat

Photo credit: Chris via Flickr

“Yeah, that’s right. Stare all you want. I’m cooler than you are.”

Santa cat

Photo credit: woodandcraft via Flickr

“This costume was not my idea.”

Santa cat

Photo credit: Malingering via Flickr

“I think this will be my new profile pic.”

Santa cat

Photo credit: Jeff Wickliffe via Flickr

“Bad Santa ain’t got nothing on me.”

Santa cat

Photo credit: Lindy Lou via Flickr

“Does this look candid enough for you?”

Santa cat

Photo credit: Karyn via Flickr

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