Bloggers share their pre–road trip checklists

Nov 1, 2013 at 12:00 a.m. ET

Are you planning a road trip? These bloggers share their pre–road trip checklists.

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You're ready to hit the road, but first things first — you've got to prepare. Follow along as these bloggers share their secrets for prepping for the perfect road trip.

Elaina Verhoff

"Our kids are 7 and 9, so road trips are much easier than they once were," says Elaina Verhoff of Fun Finds for Mom. "On our last family trip, I packed each of them a surprise fun bag and wouldn't let them peek until our trip was underway. I filled small drawstring backpacks with an assortment of items: Mad Libs, baseball cards, fat activity books and a new pack of markers, a couple brand new books, play clay, Bananagrams and a water bottle and snacks. The kids were thrilled to dig into the surprises — and these little bags kept them occupied for hours!"

Sarah Crowder

"I love a good road trip — after all, it's the journey, not the destination, right? Before heading out on an adventure, I dress in something comfy but not frumpy, like boyfriend jeans with a cropped sweater or leggings with a tunic," says Sarah Crowder of Punctuated. with food. "Next, I prepare tunes for the drive, creating a playlist or downloading any new albums I've been wanting to listen to. Lastly — but for a food blogger, most importantly — I make and gather provisions. Homemade fruit-and-nut bars, fresh fruit and coconut water are good choices to nourish and hydrate but also keep well if we decide to forgo them for a tempting food joint along the way."

Laura Moriarity

"I'm a mother of two young children and a dog, and my husband travels frequently for work. So, I find myself solo tripping to Grandma and Grandpa's house often for support," says Laura Moriarity of Plane Janes. "In order to survive the long hours with limited breaks, no fast food and as few arguments as possible, I make sure to check off all of my road-trip items before pulling out of the driveway."

Laura's tips for travel are as follows:

  • Drive when the kids might sleep.
  • Pack snacks to eliminate stops, and keep them within close reach of the kids.
  • Be prepared for car sickness.
  • Pack bags to keep kids entertained.
  • Schedule kid-friendly stops.

"A final word of wisdom for solo traveling with kids is to keep your timeline flexible and your coffee cup full," she adds.

Caroline Shannon-Karasik

Caroline adds:

"Again, having these items on hand not only gives me options but helps me to stay healthy while traveling!"

"While my gluten-free lifestyle is easy to maintain in my home, traveling presents new challenges," says Caroline Shannon-Karasik of Sincerely Caroline. "Dining out and eating at other people's houses is wonderful, but it can also be a source of cross-contamination. And, while airports have gotten better at providing healthier and gluten-free options, they are not always available. That means preparation is key!"

Here are Caroline's favorite road-trip snacks:

  • Fresh-cut veggies and easy-to-pack fruit, like an apple or banana
  • A gluten-free sandwich to munch while on the road
  • Food bars
  • Resealable bags filled with raw nuts
  • An empty shaker bottle and a few packets of gluten-free protein powder

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