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Top 10 paint colors for master bedrooms

Your bedroom is a sanctuary, which is why the paint color on your walls should be something you love. Here are 10 paint-color suggestions for your master bedroom that will leave you longing for sleep.

Gray bedroom

A bedroom is a place of relaxation, so choosing the right color is an important task. Here are 10 color suggestions that will set the scene for an inviting oasis right in your own home.




Though simple and neutral, cream-colored walls allow you to play with a variety of patterns and secondary colors in your master bedroom. Try pairing cream walls with dark-stained furniture and patterns that feature creams, browns, cool blues or golds. Or add a splash of color like bold blues to make a statement.




Though white is neutral as well, it works well with bold blues, golds and reds. If you want to keep the room peaceful, mix those bold colors with browns and grays to help blend the neutral room with bold accessories.


Chocolate brown

Chocolate brown

Chocolate-brown walls, mixed with light-colored furniture, trim and accessories, provide a contemporary finish to any room. Look for an area rug that features chocolate brown to pull the room together.




Soft and warm grays are calming and perfect for the master bedroom, says Beverley Kruskol, a general contractor and owner of M.Y. Pacific Building, Inc.

“I feel that when [a woman] gets home after a long, hard day at the office, and she enters her bedroom, she wants to feel like she has entered into her own calming, safe sanctuary,” she says.




Many don’t think of black as their first choice of wall color, but when paired with lots of natural textures and neutral accessories, it can be quite beautiful.


Burnt orange

Burnt orange

While bright colors can be overwhelming in the bedroom space, burnt orange can inspire warmth.


Light blue

Light blues

Light blues remind one of the sea and sky — creating a relaxing and open feeling in the bedroom. Pair with white, sheer curtains and dark furniture, and it will be as if you’re in a beach home.


Light purple

Light purples

Light purple shades such as violet and lavender are less bold than shades of red and pink, but they are still feminine and romantic. These hues also match well with gray accessories.


Light green

Light green

Light green is soothing and can be used in rooms with a more natural feel, especially when mixed with bamboo furniture.




Golden hues create warmth, while lighter yellows give the illusion of light — something useful in rooms that don’t have large windows.

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