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5 Cool new products for interior paint

Painting can be a dreaded task that can take days to complete. However, with a little help from these cool products, you can complete your project in no time.

A little help can go a long way when painting the inside of your home. Here are five products that will help give you the edge when tackling a big painting job.




FrogTape is a new favorite tape among contractors because it’s the only painter’s tape treated with PaintBlock technology. PaintBlock is a super-absorbent polymer that reacts when it comes into contact with latex paint, gelling to form a micro-barrier that seals the tape’s edges — thus preventing the dreaded paint bleed. FrogTape is available at home-improvement stores.


Glidden DUO Paint + Primer

Glidden DUO Paint & Primer

This two-in-one paint provides great coverage in fewer coats. Glidden DUO Paint + Primer is durable, easy to clean and available in all Glidden and Martha Stewart Living colors. The best part: It provides exceptional hiding power in fewer coats, even when applied over darker colors. It also has low odor and is low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs), so you can transform your decor and feel confident in the results. Glidden DUO Paint + Primer can be found at Home Depot.


Glade Paint Additive

Scentco paint additive

Decorate with fragrance with this new paint additive. Stir a pouch of Glade Paint Additive air freshener into a gallon of paint, and the walls in your home will emit the scent of your choice for up to a year. You control the fragrance level by how much product you add to the paint. Scents include tropical mist, crisp waters and clean linen. While this additive might not make painting easier, it’ll give you motivation to get the job done faster.


Shur-Line Touch Up Painter

Shur-Line Touch Up Painter

If you’ve ever had a scuff or mark on your wall, you know how frustrating it can be to have to take out all your supplies to fix it. The Shur-Line Touch Up Painter allows you to store paint inside the product, so when that scuff occurs, it’s an easy fix. A fabric roller attached to the device provides a consistent finish without leaving brush marks.


Wizard Secure Tray

Secure Paint Roller Tray

Ever try to hold a paint-roller tray and paint at the same time — all while balancing yourself on top of a ladder? The Wizard Secure Tray is lightweight and makes painting easy and quick. It also stores the paint with an airtight lid so your paint and roller are fresh even after hours of storage — preventing spills and providing a solid work surface on top of your ladder.

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