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Our favorite road-trippin’ snacks


A road trip just isn’t complete without an adequate amount of delicious snacks for noshing. Here are our top picks for simple, mess-free and tasty snacks for your next road trip.

Most of these snacks are pre-prepared for easy packing, but a few will require some planning and prep work. Just pack a small cooler for the items that taste best chilled, and you’ll be ready for hours of driving and munching!


Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Covered Pomegranate Seeds

Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Covered Pomegranate Seeds

Pomegranate seeds are a burst of juicy tartness, which is complemented by the rich flavor of Trader Joe’s signature dark chocolate. If you’re going to feel bad about indulging in dark chocolate, try to remember that pomegranate seeds are full of good-for-you antioxidants! Purchase them by finding a Trader Joe’s store near you, or find them online for $8.


Baby carrots
with peanut

Baby carrots with peanut butter

Load your cooler with a bag of baby carrots and a few single-serving peanut butter cups like JIF To Go. You can buy eight single-serving peanut butter cups for just $2.50 at Walmart. The carrots are healthy and full of fiber to keep your system running properly, and the peanut butter is a welcome taste of protein on a road trip full of carbs.


Archer Farms Yogurt-Covered Pretzels

Archer Farms Yogurt-Covered Pretzels

Yogurt-covered pretzels are the perfect mix of sweet and savory that you’re looking for in a road-trip snack. Just try not to eat the whole box in one sitting, though you’ll be awfully tempted to do so. You can find Archer Farms Yogurt-Covered Pretzels at Target for $4.


Simply Balanced Wild Berry Fruit Strips

Simply Balanced Wild Berry Fruit Strips

Unlike candy “fruit snacks” that are made with sugar and artificial flavoring, these fruit strips are made from real dehydrated fruit. But unlike fresh fruit, these fruit strips won’t get bruised and mangled on a road trip. Enjoy a healthful snack by purchasing Simply Balanced Fruit Strips in Wild Berry from Target for $3.


Fruit & No-Nut Trail Mix Bar

Fruit & No-Nut Trail Mix Bar

Dried fruit, pumpkin seeds, chocolate and roasted chickpeas fill this delicious Fruit & No-Nut granola bar from Whole Foods. You’ll keep everyone in the car satisfied with this allergy-friendly update to trail mix. Packs are available at Whole Foods, and you’ll just have to visit your local store for pricing information.


Pacific Gold Beef Jerky

Pacific Gold Beef Jerky

Who knew that an item so deliciously meaty could actually be good for you? Beef jerky is full of satisfying lean protein, and it’s super convenient for a road trip because it won’t spoil. Just try to say the same thing about unrefrigerated turkey breast. Pacific Gold Beef Jerky just won Consumer Report’s taste test, so check out the brand by purchasing a large pack online for $21.


Wheat Thins and fruit

Wheat Thins and fruit

Occasionally, we all need something crunchy. Don’t waste your time on greasy, messy potato chips. Instead, layer Wheat Thins with thin slices of fresh or dried fruit — like apples, apricots or raisins — for a tasty and crunchy energy booster. Purchase Wheat Thins at any local grocery store.


Sargento Cheese Snacks

Sargento Cheese Snacks

Slimy sticks of mozzarella are a thing of the past. Check out Sargento Natural Cheese Snacks for a variety of on-the-go cheese sticks like Colby-Jack, Sharp Cheddar and Pepper Jack. They’re quick, tasty and creamy, and you can find them at your local grocer.

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