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How to make a picture frame jewelry organizer

Rummaging through your jewelry box to find the perfect pair of earrings can now be a thing of this past with this do-it-yourself jewelry organizer. With a few supplies and minimal crafting skills, you’ll have an Etsy-worthy organizer.


Gather your materials

Gather your materials

One of the best parts of this project is that it only requires a few materials. Find a picture frame that is at least 8 inches by 10 inches to ensure that it holds all of your jewelry. Then find a ribbon or trim that you will be able to poke your earrings through. Opt for a lacy ribbon or a braided trim so you can utilize the little holes within the fabric. Grab some scissors and a hot-glue gun, and you’re ready to get started!


Start snipping

Start snipping

Measure your ribbon along the back of the picture frame. You want to make sure that you pull it tight, so it doesn’t droop once you glue it in place. Depending on the size of your frame, you will need about three strands of ribbon.


Put the pieces together

Put the pieces together

When placing your strands of ribbon, have a friend or mirror around to make sure that they hang straight. Placement of the ribbon is key; make sure that you have enough room for your earrings to hang without overlapping. After finding the perfect placement, drop of dollop of hot glue on the back edge of the picture frame and push down on top of your ribbon with the tip of the gun so you don’t burn your fingers.


Organize those earrings!

How to make a picture frame jewelry organizer

After you’ve allowed the glue to set for at least two hours, start putting on your earrings. Stick a nail in the wall, hang it up and you’ll have the most stylish jewelry hanger around.

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