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10 New Year’s Eve style resolutions from fashion bloggers

Think fashion bloggers have it all figured out when it comes to their style? Think again! Turns out, they’ve got stuff they need to work on too, just like the rest of us. See what wardrobe changes they’re vowing to make in the New Year.


More prints, please

Blaire Fowler

“My New Year’s style resolution is to be more fearless with colors and prints! I always tend to steer toward neutral and black, but seeing someone rocking a chic print makes me think, ‘I should wear something like that!’ I also need to not wear the same jewelry every day. I have tons of accessories that never get the spotlight!” – Blaire Fowler, YouTube fashion and beauty vlogger


Just donate it

Elle Fowler

“My resolution is to make an effort to wear everything in my closet or else donate it. I tend to get in a rut and cycle through my favorite 20 outfits instead of wearing the rest of my stuff! But when I try to go through it to get rid of some stuff, I find myself wanting to keep everything, so my new rule is, ‘Wear it, or it’s out!'” – Elle Fowler, YouTube fashion and beauty vlogger


Comfier kicks

Mariana Leung

“I resolve to only buy cute shoes that I can actually walk in for 2014 (rather than limp after five minutes at a party). I vow to remember that heel heights over four inches are a death trap and that stiletto shapes slim enough to puncture a body organ are a no-no.” – Mariana Leung, founder and editor Ms.FABulous Media


Less fast fashion

Bekka Grites

“My New Year’s style resolution would be to buy more vintage and less fast fashion. I used to live for vintage finds at specialty and thrift shops, alike, and I kind of fell out of it due to a busier work schedule and less time to hunt. I think in 2014 I can bring back that wow factor to my wardrobe with some serious retro, West Coast gems.” – Bekka Grites, stylist and fashion blogger at From Her Closet


Shine bright in bold jewelry

Becca Aronson

“My style resolution: Bring more color into my jewelry! I’m looking to move beyond the basic gold and silver and make a serious statement. I’m lusting after bright gemstones, like blue agate and green chrysoprase. And did you know sapphires come in pretty much every color? Bringing color into your wardrobe in small doses is a great way to ease into a brighter style and cheer yourself up on those cold, gray winter days.” – Becca Aronson, co-founder of ADORNIA and creator of the blog United States of ADORNIA


Mix and match like a pro

Elaine Wiart

“I’d like to try more color and pattern combinations in the same outfit. It is just too tempting to get a basic hue (like black or gray jeans) and throw a color on top of it. However, in 2014 I want to try color combos, like a combination of primary colors or combine different patterns in the same outfit. For sure a little more work to get ready, but a more fun outfit as a result.” – Elaine Wiart, plus-size fashion blogger at


Out with the old, in with the new

Michelle Madhok

“I’m resolving to not hang onto things I don’t wear. In my book Wear This Now, I tell people to toss stained T-shirts and acid wash jeans, but I’m also going to throw out shoes that pinch and sweaters with bad necklines. I need to make space for truly great outfits to come into my closet!” – Michelle Madhok, founder of


A positive post-pregnancy body image

Felicia Zanguiabadi

“I’m currently 25 weeks pregnant, and my number one style resolution is to feel as good about my style decisions post pregnancy as I did before. I’m sure I’ll deal with various body image issues after giving birth and breastfeeding. I don’t know if I’ll be able to wear my pre-pregnancy skinny jeans. In fact, I don’t know what I’ll be able to fit into! I will not wear something if I don’t feel good about myself physically or mentally though. I’ll definitely rock more dresses because you just can’t go wrong with a dress, right?” – Felicia Zanguiabadi, fashion designer and founder of


Quality over quantity

Lauren Rollins

“My fashion resolution for 2014 is to buy fewer overall items and invest in quality wardrobe staples instead. It’s hard to resist buying tons of cheap items on a whim, but I’d rather have less in my closet and more pieces I truly love and can wear for years to come.” – Lauren Rollins, fashion blogger at The Not Quite “It” Girls


Lighten the load

Naima Turner

“My personal style resolution for the New Year is to not carry so much stuff in my purse. I swear I carry the kitchen sink, which in turn, makes me feel overwhelmed while searching through it during the day. Besides, other than my lipstick, phone, keys and wallet, I hardly ever really use the other things that are packed. Although my bags are usually made with lining, stuffing too many items inside can ruin the shape. I’ll let my shoulder and back have a New Year minus the extra baggage.” – Naima Turner of

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