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What you can learn from Kim Kardashian’s beauty Pinterest boards

Want to know Kim Kardashian’s beauty secrets and fashion inspiration? Look no further than her very own Pinterest boards. Filled with her own glam looks and those of others, the famous sister loves to look good… and we love to see her rockin’ out in fabulous curves, designer duds and flawless makeup. So, sit back and get your pin board ready to re-pin some of Kim’s fabulous looks.


Gorgeous nails

Kim Kardashian with nail polish

Photo credit: Kim Kardashian via Pinterest

Like most of us ladies, Queen Kim has an entire board devoted to fabulous manicure ideas and inspiration. From dark matte colors (think iPhone) to chic sparkles, Kim likes a nicely polished nail. With a few designer looks (of course), some glammed out, bling-tastic stunners and Kardashian branded Nicole by OPI, these pins are worthy of showing up on us “regular” ladies’ boards… even if we don’t have our own nail polish line!


Makeup inspirations

Kim Kardashian makeup

Photo credit: Kim Kardashian via Pinterest

Believe it or not, even Kim Kardashian needs inspiration when it comes to the makeup department. And even though she has a fabulous glam squad, which includes famous makeup artist Joyce Bonelli, she apparently loves to pin her own amazing looks and those of others. Loving lush eyelashes, dark, luscious lips, the brilliant smoky eye and some other unique but incredible looks, Kanye’s gorgeous fiancée may just help you out in the beauty department. A makeup trick that the middle sister is famous for is her awesome contouring. Pin this picture of her face to create your own Kardashian look at home.


Beautiful hair

Kim Kardashian slicked back hair

Photo credit: Kim Kardashian via Pinterest

And the board with the fewest amount of pictures of herself, Kim Kardashian enjoys a good looking mane. With the exception of her own slicked back hair pin (pictured above), Kim seems to enjoy big hair. From messy buns, to poufy ponytails, pulled out fishtails and fluffy fros, it would seem that Miss Kardashian wouldn’t mind having the everyday locks that us non-famous people are forced to rock on the daily. Still every bit pin-worthy, anyone can pull off these fabulous hairstyles.


Fashion favorites

Kim Kardashian wearing white and black dress

Photo credit:

Where most of us women choose to pin other women as fashion inspiration, the one and only Kim Kardashian likes to pin herself. While we can only wish for the many, many outfits that we see on Pinterest, Miss Kardashian simply keeps a record of all of her favorites. And really, how could she resist? With couture dresses that show off her famous curves, we love to love Kimmy’s outfits! So Kim, keep pinning away, as we enjoy our obsession with you, your outfits and your legendary, one-of-a-kind looks.

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