Everything you need to know about growing out your hair

Hair growth itself doesn’t take a whole lot of thought. Growing out your hair in a happy and healthy way, however, may take a little bit of time and know-how.

How to grow out your hair

Long and luscious locks are sexy, but growing out your hair from a short cut to a long one isn’t always an easy endeavor. Follow these tips to make sure you’re setting yourself up for grow-out success!


Minimize shampoo

Even if you exercise or get grungy every day, you’ll need to stop your daily shampooing habits. This doesn’t mean you can’t shower daily — it just means you need to cut back your shampooing to three to four times per week. The lather of daily shampoo strips your hair of natural and healthy oils. As your hair gains length, those natural oils will keep it looking healthy and strong. If you feel that your hair looks nasty without a daily shampoo, try using dry shampoo occasionally.


Nix daily styling

One of the benefits of shampooing only three to four times per week is that you won’t have to style your hair daily. If you’re currently in the habit of frying your hair with a blow dryer, flat iron or curling iron every day, you’ll need to cut way back. Heat damages the shaft of your hair, causing it to split more easily. Split ends mean more trims unless you want to look sloppy, which will slow down your grow-out process. Try to style only three to four times per week.


Product selection

Find a few hair products you can rely on, and pamper yourself (and your hair!) often. First, you need to find a lightweight conditioner, and use it every time you wash. It needs to moisturize your hair without making it feel heavy. Second, find a hot oil treatment you like, and use it at least once per week. These treatments will restore moisture and luster to your hair, so it won’t look dull and damaged as it grows.


Trim regularly

It may seem counterintuitive to trim your hair when you’re trying to grow it out, but a regular trim will help your hair look healthy and strong. At a minimum, you need to cut one inch off your length every three to four months to take care of split ends. Chopping off split ends will prevent the split from moving up the shaft of your hair, which will make your hair appear longer over time.


Manage your shape

Without a doubt, growing out your hair will take your style through several awkward phases. Don’t just suffer silently. Enlist the help of your stylist to manage the shape of your cut as it grows out. This means that you may need to go to the salon every six to eight weeks, in addition to your trims, to make sure that you’re managing your growing length and volume properly.

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