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Bloggers take a break with Lindt chocolate

How often do you do something just for you? Five bloggers tell us their favorite ways to get a little “me time.”

Woman eating chocolate

We’re all busy. Between jobs, homes, kids and other responsibilities, it’s hard to find time just for you. These five busy bloggers tell us how they manage to carve out a little “me time,” and they share what they do to relax.

Angelica Golden

Angelica is a mom of two and a blogger over at The Savvy Girl’s Guide to Life. She doesn’t get much time to herself, but she has big dreams about what she would do with that time if she were to get it. Continue to her blog to read all about it.


Jen Gaonach

Jen is a blogger from We’re Not in Pine Brook Anymore, and one of her favorite ways to treat herself is with a sweat treat. One of her favorite chocolate candies, Caramel LINDOR truffles, not only tickle her taste buds, but bring memories of great times with people she loves.


Ashley Robertson

Ashley is a teacher, wife and blogger over at The Teacher Diva. A classroom full of crazy kids is enough to drive anyone close to the edge. Read on to find out what she does to unwind.


Jen Cowart

Blogger Jen, from The Whole Bag of Chips, lives on a strict budget. Most of her shopping consists of wants, not needs. She knows what she’d buy if the opportunity to splurge were to present itself, though!


Galit Breen

Galit is a busy mom of three. Her life revolves around her kids, so she doesn’t get much “me time.” If money and time weren’t an issue, though, she knows exactly what she would do. In fact, she’s listed all 22 items on her blog — so keep reading to find out what they are.


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