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21 Hilarious Group & Trio Halloween Costume Ideas

Dressing up in your own uniquely different Halloween costume is cool and all, but let’s not kid ourselves — group Halloween costumes are seriously next level. When you and your squad roll up perfectly coordinated, it’s showstopping. Not to mention there are Instagram-worthy photo ops for days.

Whether the aforementioned squad is a group of your BFFs or you and your family, there’s an idea in here that’s perfect for y’all.

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1. Skeletons

21 Hilarious group Halloween costume ideas
Image: scrantonpaper/Tumblr

OK, yes, on the surface this seems a little dull. But you have to learn the dance that Kelly, Gabe and Toby did on The Office. We promise no one will be able to keep from cracking up every time your group performs it.

2. The social network totally obsessed social media-ites will love to go as their favorite site. Use an iron to transfer a Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook or Tumblr logo, or use your artistic skills to recreate the logo on a T-shirt. Go for the gold by adding “likes,” “hashtags” or your very own group handle. Obviously, you’ll be constantly taking selfies all night long.

3. The beekeeper and his hive

Honey bee costume
Image: Rick + Vanessa + Bridgette + August

Whether or not you have a baby, this bee costume is great for a trio. DIY a bee costume with a black and yellow outfit, create the beekeeper’s ensemble with some coveralls and tulle, and make the bee hive using foam piping and twine. Put the three together and you’ll have costumes people will be buzzing about until next year.

4. Rock, paper, scissors… I win!

Solve any disagreement at this year’s party by going as rock, paper and scissors. Another costume idea perfect for a trio, the scissors and paper are made out of painted poster board, while the rock is constructed of tulle. Randomly play a game with each other for a few laughs.

5. Steaming hot lattes

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Happy Halloween betch #Starbucks

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Have a group of Starbucks junkies? Go as your favorite lattes! Using a white dress (or shirt, if you feel more comfortable), enlarge the logo on your computer, adhere it using an iron-on transfer, and display your drink and name with a Sharpie. Make steaming noises and randomly tip over, just like a real latte would.

6. I’d like S’more

S'mores costumes
Image: Summer Camp Culture

Create a costume that the group can enjoy once the party is over with this s’mores creation, which is great for a group of five. Two can be the graham crackers with cardboard cutouts, while one is in all white as a marshmallow, another is the fire in red, and last but not least, somebody’s gotta be the chocolate bar with a candy bar headband.

7. Hipster princesses

Hipster princesses
Image: Suburbs of Utopia

Inspired by the princess Instagrams and Pinterest memes, this blogger and her lady friends laced up their boots and created a few tutus to resemble a couple of hipster Disney princesses. This is an easy costume — you can wear your favorite princess’s colors with a flannel cover-up and dark-rimmed glasses for the full effect.

8. An homage to your favorite celeb

Will Ferrell costumes
Image: Imgur

This group Halloween costume deserves a slow clap. These clever ladies went as nearly every Will Ferrell movie ever made — because he’s kind of a big deal. You can try the same interpretation with your favorite celebrity, with dozens of costume ideas to choose from.

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Originally published October 2013. Updated September 2017.

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