Nail design: San Diego Chargers manicure tutorial

The best way to accessorize at the game is on your nails!

San Diego Chargers fan-icure

San Diego Chargers-themed nails


  • Small and medium paint brush
  • Essie’s Bikini So Teeny
  • Essie’s After School Boy Blazer
  • Sinful Colors’ Pull Over
  • Orly’s White Tips

Fan-icure: San Diego Chargers | -- supplies




Fan-icure: San Diego Chargers | -- base

Start with a white base coat.


Alternating stripes

Fan-icure: San Diego Chargers | -- alternating stripes

Alternate navy and blue stripes on each of the nails, excluding the thumb.



Fan-icure: San Diego Chargers | -- lightning

Using the medium brush, paint yellow lightning bolts on each of the nails, vertically on top of the stripes. On the thumb, paint the rounded lightning bolt logo.



Fan-icure: San Diego Chargers | -- details

Fan-icure: San Diego Chargers | -- final result

Using the small brush, paint a thin blue line around the rounded bolt. Let it dry and then paint a navy line around that. Let dry and finish with a top coat.

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