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Achieving the perfect vampire Halloween costume is way easier than you think

Vampires, they’re so hot right now.

I know, I know, with the death of True Blood and the end drawing near for The Vampire Diaries, it sure seems like we’d be over the blood-suckers. But, let’s face it, we’re not.

They’re glamorous, they’re dangerous, and they’re un-dead sexy. Their TV shows my be waning, but our love affair with vamps are far from over. Even better — they make for a pretty easy, and awesome, Halloween costume.

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All you really need is to follow a few simple steps and take some inspiration from your favorite vamp character.

1. The clothes

Image: Giphy

If you’re seeking a more traditional vampire look, you really can shop your own closet to come up with a convincing get-up. Just a long black gown and your good to go. There’s also no shortage of vampire garb in online Halloween outlets.

Target has a costume that looks great for just $25.

Image: Target

Or, with all of the contemporary vampire renderings out there, it’s super easy to turn yourself into Elena from The Vampire Dairies or Pam from True Blood through attire.

For Elena, throw on a red v-neck, a leather jacket and your favorite pair of skinny jeans. Voilà.

Image: The CW

Pam was a total club rat, so anything black and/or leather will do to complete her look.

Image: HBO

2. Makeup

Image: Summit Entertainment

For vampires, the magic’s in the makeup. The very pale makeup.

You’ll want to stock up on some white cream makeup to get yourself the opposite of a tan. You can pick some up at Party City for just $1.99, or you can just try using a foundation that’s a few shades lighter than your normal. NYX has plenty of affordable matte foundations that would work just fine.

Black eyeshadow can be used to hallow out your eye sockets and cheek bones (NYX also has a great black face powder that’s only $4.99), and complete your face with a deep red lip.

For a creepier look (à la the True Blood vampires who have contracted Hep V) check out YouTuber Leyla Rose’s tutorial.

3. Fangs

Image: Giphy

The fangs are clutch because, let’s be real, a vampire ain’t a vampire with out them pointy teeth. The quality of your fangs can also make or break your night, because a cheap pair will only make you drool all over the place.

At $19.99, these custom fangs from Party City are a little pricey, but you’ll be much more comfortable than if you were wearing a whole fang mouthpiece.

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4. Hair

Image: Giphy

If you’re going the Pam or Elena route, breakout the curling iron and straightener and get to work making your hair look fab-u-lous.

If you choose the more traditional route, a long dark hair piece is definitely in order. This one from Costume Craze is awesomely Gothic and only $35.19.

Image: Costume Craze

5. Accessorize

Image: Giphy

The finishing touches of your costume can be the funnest part. It’s the little things — like fake blood capsules (Party City has ’em for $2.99), or eerie red eye contacts (purchase them for $15.95 from — that will set your costume apart from all the rest.

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Before you go, check out our slideshow below.

To-die-for Halloween makeup ideas from the depths of Instagram
Image: lollydarkdesigns/Instagram

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