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Friday’s Fashion Fails: Olivia Wilde and Rita Ora

Oops… even celebrities get it wrong sometimes! We’re telling you why Olivia Wilde and Rita Ora’s fashions fell short in our weekly feature. Learn from the stars’ sartorial slip ups!

Olivia Wilde in grey parachute pants

Olivia Wilde

Here’s Olivia Wilde in a classic case of when bad pants happen to good people. The actress attended the New York Film Festival wearing an outfit that only M.C. Hammer could love. These unfortunate gray parachute pants were created by Michael Kors.

Jason Sudeikis’ fiancée has an amazing figure but you’d never know in these severely oversized slacks that she’s swimming in. The extra fabric and super wide cuffs are killing us! Her buttoned up silk white blouse is also a little too librarian for us. We would have worn a sleeveless top or one that showed a bit of cleavage to counteract the frumpy pants.

The final verdict? We’d comment on her shoes but we can’t see what she’s wearing on her feet under these circus pants! We do like her stack of gold bangle bracelets and cute coordinating clutch that she accessorized with.

Rita Ora in red plaid suit

Rita Ora

Send in the clowns… or we’ll take Rita Ora! All she’s missing is a bright red nose. This is what the British singer donned for Rimmel London’s 180 Years of Cool party, and we have to wonder who the heck thinks her outfit is cool. Rita’s guilty of trying too many trends at once here.

A menswear suit is a tricky enough trend to pull off, and head-to-toe plaid is just as hard. When you combine the two together like this Moschino creation does, and top it off with a bow tie, you get this walking fashion felony. Plaid is cute for fall and winter, but embroidery on top of plaid is too much. Wearing one statement plaid piece, like a skirt or pants, would have worked much better.

The final verdict? We like menswear-inspired looks, but is there really a reason a woman should ever be wearing a bow tie? We think not! We’d suggest trying a tuxedo jacket and pants in a bright hue, instead of a busy print like this one, and pairing the ensemble with a simple camisole instead of a collared shirt.

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