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How to bathe without getting in the shower

Do you ever have those busy days where you just don’t have time to shower? Or maybe you just don’t want to shower. Not showering every single day is not that big of a deal, but whether you shower or not, you still need to feel clean and smell decent.

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For those times when you need to bathe but just can’t take a shower, we offer some head-to-toe tricks to becoming, in the words of OutKast, “so fresh and so clean.”

Step 1: Say bye-bye to greasy hair

No one likes a bad hair day, and nothing makes it worse than having greasy hair. It’s noticeable and probably looks like you used olive oil instead of shampoo. The easiest fix for your hair in this situation is to use a dry shampoo. Simply spray or tap the powder onto your roots and massage into your scalp. Doing this will absorb the oils in your hair and leave it looking clean, with a light scent. If you choose to use baby powder, just be careful about using too much because it will leave your hair looking more white and powdery than George Washington’s wig.

Step 2: Face those dirty-face demons

The first thing someone notices when they talk to you is your face. Nobody wants unnecessary breakouts, and you obviously don’t want your skin to outshine the sun. A quick way to wash your face without actually washing your face is to use a moist facial cleansing wipe. They are easy to use and are conveniently available at any drugstore.

Step 3: Full-body wipe-down

There are three main areas that you must clean during your cleanse: armpits, privates and feet. Using baby wipes, start by wiping down the three important areas, making sure to use a new wipe for each body part. You can use extra wipes to clean off the rest of your body, including your neck and chest. For extra freshness, apply a little baby powder to your body. The baby powder will leave a soft scent and will absorb any extra oils.

Final tips

  • Once you have given yourself a “dry” shower, go ahead and apply deodorant and perfume to leave yourself feeling clean and smelling pretty.
  • Don’t forget to always wear clean socks and underwear to keep your body as clean as can be!

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