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The ultimate guide to dogs


Dog Care
Image: Chris Amaral/Getty Images

Dog care

Even though he’s your best friend, he’s a best friend that needs to be cared for. But are you doing it right?

OK, you’ve brought your new dog home, now how do you take care of him? Learn what you need to do to be the best owner and caregiver for your pooch by reading the following on safety, grooming, playtime and traveling and become the best dog mama you can be.


It’s your job to keep him from harm’s way. Help keep him safe with the following advice: 


Learn what you need to keep your pup’s coat shiny and new by reading the below:

Dog parks

It’s your pup’s favorite place to visit, so learn about where the best parks are around the U.S. and what to be cautious of at the dog park.


Take your best friend on the road with these helpful tips for traveling with your dog:

Outdoor activities

Even indoor dogs love to venture out and play. Keep him looking cute and enjoying himself with fun activities and accessories:

Common questions

Since they can’t tell us, we all wonder what our pets are thinking. Learn about how you can hone in on his thoughts and feelings without your pup saying a word.

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