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Top 10 Anthropologie knockoffs

There is no doubt that Anthropologie makes the most gorgeous home decor items. But with large price tags, not all of us can afford to bring those fabulous looks home. As a solution, we’ve rounded up the top 10 Anthro knockoffs so you can have those same amazing looks for half the price.


Painted fabric party napkins

Painted fabric party napkins

Image source: Nellie Bellie

Turn your kitchen beautiful with these pretty DIY fabric party napkins. A replica of an old Anthropologie favorite, these once plain white napkins are decorated with craft paint, markers and tape.


The Curator nightstand

The Curator Nightstand

Image source: Cucumbersome

An Ikea hack and Anthropologie knockoff in one, this Curator nightstand is made using an Ikea Fira mini chest. After adding various pieces of decorative trim, a few coats of paint and, of course, a few pretty knobs, the total cost for the knockoff was $96!


Ruffled drop-cloth curtains

Ruffled drop cloth curtains

Image source: Thistlewood Farms

KariAnne from Thistlewood Farms knew she could replicate the $208 Wandering Pleats panel curtains from Anthropologie for much less. And that she did! Using $11 drop cloths from Lowe’s, KariAnne sewed her way to perfection.


Dotted Zinnia knobs

Dotted Zinnia knobs

Image source: Craftivity Designs

When remodeling a dresser or nightstand, your hardware can come with a hefty price tag. At $8 a pop, the Dotted Zinnia knob from Anthro doesn’t seem like much, unless you need a lot of them. Make your own using a Sharpie marker and a plain white knob, and cut your cost by a third.


Rosette quilt

Rosette quilt

Image source: Kojo Designs

The Rosette quilt from Anthropologie is on everyone’s wish list, but with a $288 price tag for a king size, it is definitely something worth making on your own. Using two flat king-size sheets and a few extra white T-shirts, Kristin from Kojo Designs made 56 squares for her quilt and sewed them together using a king-size duvet. Although it took a lot of time and patience, her total cost for this knockoff was only $60!


Bird bowl

Bird bowl

Image source: Pudel Design

Another design that is no longer offered at Anthropologie but completely worth sharing is this amazing knockoff bird bowl. Inspired by the original $300 design, Lydia from Pudel Design thrifted a cool bowl and two ceramic birdies. She painted both white, glued the birdies on and added a clear coat of spray paint for a magnificent look.


Rosette round pillow

Rosette round pillow

Image source: Sugar Baby Boutique

Using items she had around her home, Camille replicated the $78 Anthro rosette round pillow for absolutely free! With fabric, stuffing and thread, she was able to knock off the perfect throw pillow for her bedroom.


Pendant light

Pendant light

Image source: Under the Sycamore

Inspired by a few discontinued Anthropologie industrial lights, Ashley Ann made her own inexpensive version with the use of a wire basket and mini pendant light. Add a bit of paint, and voila — she made herself a charming chandelier for her kitchen.


Rhododendron chandelier

Pendant light

Image source: Design Sponge

The original Anthropologie rhododendron chandelier has a hefty $998 price tag. And although it is absolutely drool worthy, save yourself a few hard-earned dollars by DIYing your own version using a white paper lantern, white cupcake liners, petit four papers and a hot glue gun. Guests will have no idea that your gorgeous chandelier is a knockoff.


Numbered dresser

Numbered dresser

Image source: The Lettered Cottage

Perhaps one of the most popular Anthropologie knockoffs on the web is this numbered dresser. With a few tutorials to choose from, it’s easy to recreate your very own using wood stain, stencils and elbow grease. We love the rope pulls and vintage look and appeal from this replica at The Lettered Cottage.

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