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How to color your hair with chalk

Be bold, be sexy, be sassy and add hints of chalk to your luscious locks! Regardless of the thickness, color or porosity of your hair, ladies who are looking to stand out can add color-infused personality with hair chalk. This short-term hair dye is perfect for holidays, sports events, or daily use. Best of all, prices start at only $5!


Blond hair

How to chalk blonde hair

Photo credit: Beauty High

Ladies with blond hair can use the brightest colors to make the most daring statements. Generally, blues, hot pinks and greens work best, but feel free to get creative with pastels of various shades.

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Brown hair

How to chalk brown hair

Photo credit: Beauty High

Brunettes have the perfect base for nearly any shade of chalk, so be artistic! Streak your hair with vibrant oranges and turquoise blues, or color creatively with a mixture of chalks that fit your personality.

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Red hair

How to chalk red hair

Photo credit: LookBook

Redheads who want a little more flair can use a variety of colors to make their specific shade pop. Oranges and yellows give a subtle flame-like look, while dark greens and blues make more of a dramatic statement.

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Black hair

How to chalk black hair

Photo credit: stylecaster

Women who have black hair can have the most fun with hair chalk. Nearly any color will add pizazz to your hair, satisfying any desire to stand out. You can be traditional with hues of purple and blue, or go dramatic with gray and neon green.

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