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Slimming denim looks for fall

A great pair of jeans isn’t complete without a well thought-out outfit to make the look slim and trim.

A slimming outfit is all about accentuating the right body parts — while keeping any flaws under the radar. Legs should look long and lean and the waist tiny and accentuated. Here are three outfits that will accent everyone, no matter the age or size, in all the right places.

Structured jacket

short jacket -- slim denim looks


The best top to wear with a slim fitted jean is a T-shirt or tank tucked into the pant, with a fitted jacket or blazer that hits right at the hips. A bomber jacket, blazer or even thick cardigan will all produce the same effect. With the sharp cut of these tops — right at the waist — it emphasizes the long, slim leg the Malia Jag Jean creates. (Malia Jag Jean, $64).

Oversized Sweatshirt

Oversized sweaters-slim denim outfits


If you’re rocking a pair of super-skinny jeans, a baggier shirt on top will actually accentuate the leg. Try a top like an oversized sweatshirt, but be sure not to channel those off-the-shoulder ’80s styles. The current trend is an oversized sweatshirt that lays easily on the shoulder, but doesn’t cling to the stomach. Between Jag Jean’s comfortable elastic waistband and a baggy shirt, sporting skinnies is as easy as can be. (Desiree Legging Mid Rise Jag Jean, $69).

As far as shoes are concerned, a loafer or oxford are best paired with cropped or skinny jeans because the pointed toe elongates the frame and emphasize a tiny ankle.

Tailored Shirt

Tailored Shirt - slim denim looks


High-waisted, bootcut denim can never look bad in a crisp tailored shirt. From stripes to a chambray or an all-white shirt, when these are tucked into high-waisted jeans, it highlights the midriff better than anything else. With the sleeves rolled up and the shirt hanging a little loose and relaxed, it gives volume on top to further accent the waist. (Paley Boot High Rise Jag Jeans, $64).

High heel boots in smooth, shiny leather not only bring attention, but they also help shape the leg to appear longer and slimmer.

Quick Hints

  • Tuck in tops: Emphasizing the waist, especially in high-waisted jeans, is the key to a slimming figure. Tuck in loose blouses and shirts to show off a narrow midsection.
  • Wear heels: Heels are the number one solution for lengthening the leg. They make legs appear slimmer while also lifting the butt area.
  • Wear a monochromatic outfit: Wearing a solid-colored outfit (either all black or all white) screams sleek and creates an ultra-slimming effect.

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