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The hipster home decor essentials

Feel a little ironic? Want to channel that hipster energy into your living space? SheKnows has it covered. Here are 13 hipster home decor essentials to get you started on your quest for a hipster life. Use them ironically. Or non-ironically. Your choice.


Record player

Record player

First and foremost, all good hipster homes should have a good hipster record player. A vintage turntable carries the most hipster street cred, obviously, but this one from Retro Wonders is trying to be vintage and is shaped like a piece of old-timey luggage. Positive two hipster points to you. (Retro Wonders, $159)


Vintage games

Vintage games

Hipster homes have hipster games and hipster ’90s parties where they play on hipster video game consoles. Don’t believe us? Urban Outfitters, the hipster juggernaut, now sells new versions of the original Sega Genesis. Also, we promise to stop saying “hipster” so much in this article.  (Urban Outfitters, $68)


Photos, photos, photos

Instagram prints

Polaroids may be the obvious hipster photography choice, but if you don’t want to invest in a new camera, you can still display those filtered photos of yours. StickyGram prints off your Instagram photos and turns them into magnets for this very purpose. Score. (StickyGram, $15)



Mustache teapot

Allow us to instruct you in the hipster basics. Tea = hipster. Mustache = hipster. Mustache tea pot = hipster hipster hipster. (Zazzle, $35)


Chalkboard wall

Chalkboard wall

A chalkboard decal is an absolute hipster must. Leave a Mason jar full of chalk next to your wall and let your guests leave notes as they come and go. It’s a thing. (AllModern, $48)


Cat clock

Cat clock

This vintage cat clock is the perfect addition to any and all hipster homes. Meow. Roar. Catober. Etc. (, $50)


Mason jars

Maon jar sippers

Ah, Mason jars. Mason, hipster, Mason jars. You had to be on the list, didn’t you? These Mason jar sippers from Anthropologie are perfect for all things hipster. Also, look at those straws. (Anthropologie, $48)


Beatles wall art

Beatles wall art

Beatles wall art of any kind is hipster-appropriate, but this John Lennon wall hanging is really taking the peace, love and hipster cake. We’re loving it. Non-ironically. (Urban Outfitters, $20)


Obscure cookbooks

Nutella cookbook

The hipster kitchen must include 1) retro appliances 2) Nutella 3) obscure cookbooks. Kill two birds with one chocolate-hazelnut stone and buy this obscure Nutella cookbook . (, $10)


Mismatched pillows

Whale pillow

Hipsters understand the need to mix and match zany prints. For instance, they might pair this whale pillow from Urban Outfitters with an East of Eden quote quilt, or perhaps a needlepoint cushion from Goodwill. Mix. Match. Bing. Bang. Boom. Hipster. (Urban Outfitters, $24)


Corded phone

Corded phone

While a smartphone may be able to tell you the time, location and weather in all 50 states, this corded phone looks pretty darn cute and pretty darn hipster. Why not have both? (Target, $43)


Retro nerd anything

Pac man ice cube tray

If you’re going all-out hipster, you need an all-out ice cube mold. This adorable set from ThinkGeek fits the retro nerd bill perfectly and makes us want to head down to an arcade ASAP. (ThinkGeek, $12)


Owl everything

Owl vase

A hipster home essentials list would not be complete without at least one owl item. We settled for this owl vase, because, well, it’s an owl and it’s a vase and now our work here is done.  (Modcloth, $20)

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