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DIY pecan frame

Who doesn’t have an abundance of pecans during the holiday season? Instead of using them all in your stuffing and pie, use them in your fall decor! This DIY pecan frame is fun, easy and perfect for fall.

DIY pecans frame | -- final result

This adorable frame is super-cheap to make (less than $10!) and is a fun way to spruce up any old photo frames. Your kids might even help assemble the frames!

DIY pecan frame


  • 50-100 pecan halves
  • Wooden frame
  • Hot-glue gun



Arrange pecans on frame

Pour all of your pecans into a bowl so they are easy to grab.

DIY pecans frame | -- peacan

Arrange the pecan halves on the frame. To make the frame look as elegant as possible, try to align all of the halves the same way.

DIY pecans frame | -- frame


Glue pecans to the frame

Carefully add a dab of glue to the back of each pecan half. Press into the frame and hold for about 3 seconds so they stay.

DIY pecans frame | -- glue peacan


Let dry

Let the frame dry for four to five hours. Then enjoy!

DIY pecans frame | -- dry

DIY pecans frame | -- final result

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