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What’s your style persona?

Two of the hottest influencers in the fashion industry have combined forces! T.J.Maxx and celebrity stylist Nicole Chavez have worked with clinical psychologist Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner to launch the Six Degrees of Self-Expression personas.

Celebrity stylist Nicole Chavez walks us through T.J.Maxx to discover our style persona and teaches us how to rock our style.

I caught up with Nicole in New York City to find out more about the quiz and discover how to style my style persona. Lucky me! Here’s what I learned and how you can discover your own persona.

The quiz

Ever wondered what your style persona is? Not anymore! With T.J.Maxx’s Six Degrees of Self-Expression, you can find out what your style personality is and how best to work your personal style. There are six style personas in all: Systematic Stylist, Free-Styler, Trend Trailblazer, Show Stopper, Devoted Dresser and Closet Chameleon.

The quiz analyzes what your wardrobe says about you based on several categories: how you shop, dress, organize your closet and express yourself through fashion. Pretty cool, huh? The quiz is super easy and only takes a few minutes, but the results can help you on the road to style self-expression.

Devoted DresserMy style persona

After taking the quiz, I discovered that my style persona is the Devoted Dresser. Here are some characteristics of the Devoted Dresser:

  • You’re a decisive shopper and know what styles work for you.
  • You use standout items like bold shoes, bags or jewelry as means of self-expression.
  • You tend to stick with similar items every time you shop, but make minor tweaks.
  • You tend to organize your closet around your go-to pieces that represent your signature style.

As a self-described girly girl who knows what works for her and sticks to the classics, this description seemed to fit me pretty well. Now it was time to meet up with Nicole Chavez at T.J.Maxx in NYC and figure out how I can use my style persona to help take my wardrobe to the next level!

Trip to T.J.Maxx

After Nicole took me around T.J.Maxx to check out some of the latest designer merchandise for the season, it was time to try on and build my perfect outfit! My aim for the day? To find an on-trend pair of leggings with leather details, a classic coat and a sweet dress. These were some staples I felt would add to my closet for the fall. I was also eager to find out how my Devoted Dresser persona could help me on the road to style self-expression.

I was amazed by the designer options out there, and how awesome the deals were. I was immediately drawn to an amazing green designer bag, some tops and a cool trench coat. As I tried on everything, Nicole explained how these staples were perfect for building my Devoted Dresser wardrobe. They were versatile, classic and totally me. I also learned that it’s possible for someone to be a mix of two different personas. The key to making them both work for you? Mix up your wardrobe and have fun with it!

Devoted Dresser tips

As a devoted dresser, I learned a lot about how to show off my style persona. First off, knowing the right colors and silhouette for you is essential — for me, rich jewel tones do the trick! After you discover those key points, you can build your closet around some signature items.

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The Devoted Dresser knows what she likes and although she typically sticks to the classics that she knows work for her, she can express her personality through statement accessories, like bags, scarves and shoes. As a gal with a slight handbag obsession, this sounded right up my alley. I even scored a sweet green designer bag that will go perfectly with my new dress. All in all a great day!


Like what you read here? Take the quiz for yourself and find out what your style persona is!

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