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Reasons to spring clean year-round

Spring cleaning is done once a year, but should it be? Historically, spring cleaning has been a time to clear out winter clutter and refresh your home. Here’s why you should clean all four seasons.

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Airing out the house and de-cluttering are traditional activities come spring, but there are many beneficial and refreshing effects of spring cleaning year-round. Here are some reasons to stay tidy throughout the year and ways to make that happen.

Every season deserves a cleaning

Each time the seasons change, organize your life around the coming weather, says Katrina Teeple, founder of Operation Organization. This can include everything from seasonal fashion shifts to cozy flannel bed sheets to back-to-school clothing.

“By putting away things that belong to the previous season and taking out things you’ll need for the coming season, you can avoid unnecessary clutter,” Teeple said.

Store with care the things worth keeping and get rid of anything you wouldn’t bother to care for, she advises.

Cleaning once is too much of an undertaking

Spring cleaning can be an overwhelming experience, especially if you’re a busy parent or professional — or both. You can make the job easier if you take steps throughout the year to do major cleaning and organizing jobs that don’t have to happen often, Teeple says.

“How often do you clean your refrigerator?” she said. “It’ll be quicker and easier if it’s organized and you do it at least once a month.”

Waiting for a big clean is not better

When you leave the big jobs for spring, you might end up putting off the cleaning that should be done more often, Teeple says.

“Carpets should be regularly vacuumed and cleaned for longevity,” she said. “Window washing once a year is just not often enough.”

Being organized saves you money

Being organized saves you money in many ways, Teeple says. If you get rid of seasonal stuff before it takes up space in your attic for nine months, it might be worth selling online or donating for the tax break, for example.

“When you stay organized on a regular basis, you won’t lose things that are still around,” she added. “How many pairs of sunglasses do you really need? Do you buy a new pair because you lost one, only to find it under that pile of magazines weeks later?”

Even better, when you maintain order, you will have the sensation of being caught up with life, and that is always a game-changer when it comes to making or saving money, Teeple says.

“Your life can be better organized and your home will be cleaner if you do what needs to be done on a regular basis,” she said. “If you make the job easier by breaking it into smaller jobs, you’ll find ways to be totally organized all year round.”

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