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14 Geeky gift ideas for pets

What geeky-ness lurks in the hearts of pets? SheKnows! These adorable gifts for dogs, cats, fish and more will make the perfect gift for your pet or your favorite animal lover.

Does your furry pal need some nerd-tastic accessories that would make the Nerdist himself Green Lantern-green with envy? These 14 ideas will make both your pup and your kitty say “w00f!”


canine twitterer

The Canine Twitterer

Equip your dog’s collar with this motion-sensing tag connected to his very own Twitter account and he’ll always keep you up-to-date with one of over 500 preprogrammed tweets. (Hammacher Schlemmer, $30)


cat whack a mole

Cat Whack-a-Mole

You and your mouser will have hours of fun playing this classic arcade-style game. Just use the stick to make the mouse pop up and down while your kitty tries to catch him. (ThinkGeek, $10)



Back to the Roots Aquafarm

Seeds? Check. Sunlight? Check. Water? Check. Goldfish? Wait, what? The Back to the Roots Aquafarm is the ultimate in symbiotic systems. Give your betta a rockin’ new pad where his very existence will help your herbs grow bright and strong. (UncommonGoods, $60)


catnip bubbles

Cosmic Cat Catnip Bubbles

For the kitty who has everything, these catnip-essence bubbles will provide an excellent excuse for your cat to get some exercise — right before the mildly hallucinogenic effects kick in. (ThinkGeek, $6)


doggie fountain

Doggie Fountain

Hook this paw-powered Doggie Fountain up to the garden hose so your pooch can cool off any time he wants. (, $60)


pet doorbell

Lentek Pet Chime Portable Wireless Electronic Pet Doorbell

Barking at the door to get in is so last season! Your dog can let herself in with the touch of a paw with this doorbell chime connected to a paw-print activation device. (Amazon, $30)

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