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10 Home projects you should never attempt on your own

Sometimes you can save a lot of money by taking on home renovation projects yourself. Other times, they end up being such a hassle that you end up spending more money, and way too much time. Here are 10 home projects you should not try to do yourself.

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From replacing trim to swapping light fixtures, and even tiling the bathroom floor, home DIY projects can save you a lot of money. But sometimes, it’s not worth the trouble and can even be dangerous, so it’s best to fork over the money to get it done right. It’s always a good idea to ask people you know for references on trustworthy contractors to get this type of work done for you. If you have a lot of work that needs to be done, it may be a good idea to sign up for a service like Angie’s List to find help.


Electrical work

Installing a new ceiling fan or chandelier can be an easy home project you can tackle. Just follow the instructions and make sure you shut the power off beforehand. For larger projects, you must follow proper code, and it can be dangerous if you don’t. Hire an electrician and call it done. One easy way to find a qualified electrician is to visit this online electrician directory.


Gas appliances

You may think you can quickly replace your own hot water heater, but you might think twice before trying. Any appliance that runs on gas (like your fireplace, clothes dryer, stove and hot water heater) should be fixed or installed by professionals. Gas will always find a leak, and if work is not done properly, it can pose a huge risk to you and your home. If you need assistance with an appliance, check out HomeAdvisor to find qualified help.


HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning)

Of course it’s OK to replace your own furnace filter, but when it comes to more challenging issues with your HVAC system, it’s wise to call in a seasoned pro. Big box stores in your neighborhood, such as Home Depot, will often offer licensed and insured contractors for hire.


Tear down walls

This might seem like an easy task — just pick up a sledgehammer and smash down the wall, right? Not so much. Unless you’re an architect, engineer or contractor, you’re unable to tell which walls are load bearing, and if you tear down the wrong one, your house could collapse. There could also be unknown electrical systems within walls that you need to be careful with.


Install windows

In addition to having the expertise and proper equipment to install windows, a professional will be able to guarantee proper placement to reduce drafts. Wherever you buy your windows will likely offer installation for a fee.


Faux finishes

If you like the look of faux finishes, hire a painter. Attempting it on your own could result in something that looks like a craft project. This site will help you on your search to find the perfect painter.


Build a deck

I’d shy away from anything that requires building structurally sound, two-story platforms that could collapse if done improperly and cause injury or death.


Pave the driveway

Have you ever tried frosting a cake to be perfectly even and smooth? It’s like that, only on a jumbo scale and fairly permanent.



Even experienced professionals fall off of roofs. So if you lack the dexterity and strength to haul a 70-pound bundle of shingles up a 20-foot ladder, don’t even try it.


Reupholster furniture

If you’re a talented seamstress, maybe you can pull this off. However, if you’re just a civilian who wants to update ugly furniture, you should hire a professional.

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