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What’s your biggest beauty annoyance?

From shade changing foundation to rain soaked hair, every girl’s got something about beauty that really pushes her buttons. We wanted to find out what ladies in the know thought, so we asked a few of our favorite beauty bloggers to spill the beans on their biggest beauty annoyance ever. Here goes!

Woman tweezing eyebrows

Wet hair

For me, my biggest beauty annoyance is an inevitable rain shower the second after I get my hair done. It’s so bad that I went to Sally Beauty and invested in a bulk of disposable shower caps. I carry them everywhere now! — Aly Walansky of


Hair removal

I have to say, the biggest beauty annoyance for me has got to be hands down eye brow, bikini line, leg and underarm maintenance. Basically anything that needs hair removal. Not only can it be expensive to have the pros do it for you, but doing it yourself can be time consuming and sometimes lead to serious disaster as well. I wish there was an easier way to keep the hair and fuzz from coming back, or at least coming back so quickly! I’ve tried every product, laser, wax and epilator, and I still haven’t found the holy grail of hair removal secrets. The only thing they have removed is money from my wallet. — Hilary Kennedy of


Oxidizing foundation

My biggest beauty annoyance is applying a foundation or tinted moisturizer that, at first, appears to be the perfect match, then after a short time (sometimes minutes, sometimes hours) the shade oxidizes and is, in fact, way off for my complexion. So annoying! — Lindsay Rogers of


Tadpole brows

By far, my biggest beauty annoyance would be the ‘tadpole brow.’ This is when the inner brow is a thick circle and the rest of the brow is a thin line, much like the body of a tadpole. Brows should gradually change in thickness and density. This look is much too harsh. — Lacy Wynant of


Baby neck hairs

My biggest beauty annoyance is those little hairs at the back of the head, close to the neck. They are always way too small to fit in the elastic, and they are a bit frizzy so my ponytails and updos never look as good as I wish they did. — Elaine Wiart of


Lack of confidence

I hate when women apologize for how they look when they’re blogging or on YouTube. For example, ‘Sorry I’m so pasty right now!’ or ‘Sorry I’m breaking out in this photo!’ Confidence is more attractive than any beauty product. We need to learn how to stop being so hard on ourselves. — Katie Wilkes of

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