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How to find the right skinny jeans for your body type

Think every pair of skinny jeans is created equal? Think again. There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a new pair depending on your body type.

Black skinny jeans

We asked Jon Singer, CEO of, for his tips for buying the best pair of skinny jeans for your body.

If you’re full figured

A fuller frame can easily pull off skinny jeans with the right pair. “Look for a pair with enough room at your waist that will still stay slim to your ankles in a nice dark shade,” recommends Singer. A darker hue will be slimming and also versatile (i.e. you can dress them up or down). He also suggests pairing your skinny jeans with a long blazer and a flowy top for a further slimming effect: “The lines help elongate your torso and help create the perfect frame for a fuller figure.”

If you lack curves

No curves? No problem — there’s still a pair of skinnies for you. The key is to go ultra-skinny, says Singer: “Choose a form-fitting pair from top to bottom.” As someone with a lean frame, he explains that you can wear basically any color you’d like, though darker washes and tones work well across the board. To give the illusion of curves, Singer suggests adding a peplum or belted top: “This will create that perfect curve at your natural waist.”

If you’re pear shaped

Creating proportion and balancing out your body shape is the goal when you’re pear shaped. In terms of denim, it all comes down to color and stretch. “Rock a dark shade and a preferably stretchy pair of skinny jeans or jeggings,” affirms Singer. He suggests balancing out your bottom half by drawing the eyes up. You can easily do this by adding a pop of color with a necklace or statement piece.

If you have an hourglass shape

When it comes to buying skinny jeans for an hourglass shape, you have a lot of choices. Just find something that’s comfortable, doesn’t gape and that has enough stretch to feel good on. Then, get creative. “Once you find your right fit, you can basically pull off any look from colors to patterns,” notes Singer. “To elongate your legs, if you’re on the shorter side, pair with high heels or heeled boots to give yourself immediate height and accentuate your curves with a great tee or sweater.”

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