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SheKnows editors share how they de-stress

Let’s face it: Our lives are busy. Between work, family commitments and keeping the house in order, there’s just not much time left for you at the end of the day. Every now and then, though, you have to take a little time to relax, unwind and let go of all that stress that’s weighing you down.

Busy woman relaxing from work |

We all need to de-stress from time to time, but what works for one lady may not work for the rest of us. Below, some of the SheKnows editors share how they de-stress. What works for you?

Kelli Urich | Sheknows.comKelli Urich, Home & Living editor

I absolutely love my job, but no single day is like another. The wide scope of content I oversee keeps me in a constant frenzy to meet deadlines, which means stress simply comes with the territory. It might be a bit strange, but I actually use my commute to decompress from the day. I’m in the car for over an hour, and it’s the only time during my day that I’m alone. I use the time to listen to music or to organize myself for the next day so my to-do list won’t interfere with my evening once I finally arrive home. Recently, I’ve also become more committed to getting to the gym after work. I’ve found that it helps me to blow off some steam and even to sleep better. I enjoy reading while walking on the treadmill as a way to escape from the daily grind.

Kori Ellis |

Kori Ellis, Parenting editor

With four preschool-age kids, I don’t have that much time available to unwind. However, when I do, it usually consists of taking a swim in the pool, followed by a long, hot shower and then watching something on TV that’s not on the Disney Channel or Nickelodeon. I love watching court/judge shows or anything on HGTV. If I’m lucky, I’ll get to read a few chapters from a true-crime novel, too!

Crystal Brown, managing editor

Crystal Brown |

When it comes time for me to relax, I go all out: glass of fine wine, pedicure, massage. Just kidding. I mean, who has the time? Working full-time, taking care of a home and training for my first half-marathon takes up more time than would allow me to go all out with my relaxation. That being said, it’s definitely important for busy women to take time to do something just for them. Right now, my favorite way to de-stress after a long day is to read a little bit from a good book after putting the kids to bed. Transporting myself right into the middle of a murder mystery gives me just a little respite from the busyness of life. And I still get to have that glass of wine.

Kristine Cannon | Sheknows.comKristine Cannon, Entertainment editor

Two things help me unwind. The first is belting out the bridge and chorus of “Holy Grail” in my best Justin Timberlake falsetto and rap-mumbling the rest (with my windows rolled up, of course) while sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic. The second? Throwing on that two-sizes-too-big T-shirt I was given (for free) on a college campus six years ago and a pair of old jammie shorts and slowly slipping into a one-size-fits-all pair of plastic gloves. With a bottle of French lavender–scented multipurpose cleaner and a sponge in hand, it’s time to get down and dirty. That’s right: Cleaning is my way of unwinding. You get to take out your fury and stress on that grime in the bathtub, and then you get to step back and marvel at a fantastic job well done. Oh, and then I settle in for three hours of Breaking Bad, of course.

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