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Calming colors and decor to use for maximum relaxation

You don’t have to go to a pricey spa or a crowded yoga class to pamper yourself. Create a relaxing retreat in your own home by implementing calming colors and decor.

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Color your walls calm

A little paint goes a long way when it comes to creating a relaxing environment. In feng shui, colors are used to elicit different types of energy in the home. For instance, green promotes restoration. If you’re planning to create a relaxation room in your home, think muted green and blue tones.

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Clear the clutter

It’s hard to relax when there is too much stuff all around. If you like to relax with a cup of coffee at the kitchen counter, for example, clear all the mini appliances (toaster, electric can opener, coffee grinder and others) off the countertop when they are not in use. Then place a vase of flowers with calming scents — such as roses, jasmine or citrus flowers — on the countertop to enjoy while you sip and sniff away your stress.

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Use white and neutrals

Have you ever noticed how those fancy spas always have plenty of big, fluffy perfectly white towels and robes on hand? We love the calm and clean feeling that white can give to any room. To create a calming, spa-like environment in your bathroom, stock it with clean white towels, candles and bath scrubs and soaps made with lavender — which has soothing, relaxing and aura-cleansing properties.

Reading nook

If reading relaxes your body and mind, create a book nook in your home that serves as your place to curl up with a good read. This space could simply be a big, cozy recliner or a fancy lounge chair in the corner of a room. Make sure your nook includes a side table where you can place a low-wattage reading lamp and a small bowl of your favorite reading-time snacks like pretzels or Lindt caramel truffles.

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Connect with nature

Consider how you can incorporate your outside surroundings to create maximum relaxation within your home. If you have windows that offer views of nature, open the blinds or curtains to let in not only the mood-boosting natural sunlight but also the calming visuals of your surrounding environment. Or move it outside and create a calming backyard space by hanging some hammocks and placing comfortable chairs and ottomans under an oversized umbrella. Light candles or tiki torches when the sun goes down.

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