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How to remove glitter polish

Want to know the secret to getting glitter nail polish off? We’ll show you four.

One of the most glamorous and luxurious things in this world is glitter nail polish. Women have a love/hate relationship with it because it’s wonderful when you wear it, but it’s a pain to remove. We started with a chunky glitter polish (Deborah Lippmann’s Shake Your Money Maker, $19) and will show you four ways of making the glitter removal process bearable.

Method 1: Cotton ball and aluminum foil

This is by far the most popular choice for removing glitter. Take a cotton ball and soak with nail polish remover. Place it on top of your glittered nail and cover with tin foil, wrapping up the whole fingertip. Let it sit for five minutes and then remove, swiping off the nail polish along with the cotton ball. The soak will help break down the polish so any more cleanup is made easier.

Cotton ball and aluminum foil

Method 2: Glue base coat

Make a mixture of half glue and half water and paint onto your nail as a base coat. Let it sit for about five minutes to dry before applying polish, then paint as usual. When the time comes to remove the glitter, you just peel it off — no nail polish remover required! *Note: This doesn’t last as long as a typical manicure, so using it for a special night out when you don’t want glitter the next day is a great option.

Glue base coat

Method 3: Top coat and felt

Paint a top coat over your nails and wait a few seconds for it to loosen the paint — but don’t let it dry! Take a piece of white felt (which is more abrasive than a cotton ball) soaked in nail polish remover and take off the polish.

Top coat and felt

Method 4: Olive oil soak

Soak your nails in a bowl of olive oil for five minutes before removing the glitter polish. It helps break down the polish for easier removal while also moisturizing your cuticles! A win-win.

Olive oil soak

Other tips

  • Although tempting, don’t try to pick off or peel glitter polish — it can also take off a layer of your nail.
  • Try any of these methods after a warm shower or hand washing dishes in hot water. The water and heat help soften the polish.
  • Moisturize your hands and cuticles very well after soaking in or using a lot of acetone.

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