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Surefire tricks to get mommy-and-daddy time

Date nights don’t come as often as they did before you became parents, but that doesn’t mean you should forgo your mommy-and-daddy time. Score some time together this week.

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Take advantage of early bedtimes

If your kids are still little enough to have early bedtimes, tuck them in and then have an at-home date with your man. Open a bottle of wine and serve up his favorite dinner or rent a rom-com and snack on gourmet popcorn and premium chocolate like new Lindt LINDOR caramel truffles.

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Don’t save date night for the weekend

Aside from the occasional extravagant night out (see above), make date night a more ordinary occurrence so you can do it more often. Instead of reserving date night for the weekend, squeeze in some time with your man during the week when you grab a bite to eat or see a new movie. Getting out for a quick date night during the week is the perfect opportunity for your older kids to try out their babysitting skills on their little siblings or for you to let the teen next door watch your brood. Just remember to keep your phone on and don’t venture too far from home during trial outings.

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Arrange a sleepover… for the kids

Every now and then, it’s important to splurge on your love life. Call in a favor from your best friend, your sister or your neighbor and ask her to have the kids overnight so you and your man can go out on the kind of late-night dates you used to. Then make a reservation at your favorite fancy restaurant, get tickets to a stand-up comedy show or a play or take in some live music at one of your favorite old haunts. Bonus: You don’t have to worry about getting home at a certain time to relieve the sitter of her duties, so you can stay out as late as you want!

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Schedule mommy-and-daddy solo time

It’s important that you take just 15 minutes from the everyday routine to connect with your partner. It’s also good for your kids to see that their parents make one another a priority. Every day, fit in a little time for you and your man to spend in another room, away from your kids (while they safely play in their rooms or are napping), so you can catch up with one another before the evening hustle (dinner, ballet practice, scouting meetings and homework) begins.

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