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DIY embellished baseball cap

Baseball caps are a great addition to your fall wardrobe (also a great way to hide a bad hair day). By adding a handful of rhinestones, it can even become the centerpiece of your outfit. Follow these do-it-yourself steps!

DIY Embellished baseball cap |

This project is one of those simple things you can do to add some glam and glitz to ordinary fall fashion without breaking the bank.


  • A basic baseball cap (a wool one is great for the fall season)
  • An assortment of rhinestones in their settings
  • Jewel glue made specifically to adhere jewels and rhinestones to fabric
  • A pair of tweezers (optional)



DIY Embellished baseball cap |

Tip: Experiment with different colored rhinestones!

Sort the assortment of rhinestones by differing shapes and sizes.


DIY Embellished baseball cap |

Begin by adhering the larger-sized rhinestones first by applying a dab of glue to the back of the rhinestone.


DIY Embellished baseball cap |

Carefully place the rhinestone onto the cap and firmly press down. Some glue may spill to the side — this is expected and the glue will dry clear.


DIY Embellished baseball cap |

Once the first set of rhinestones has been placed onto the cap, work on the second smaller set of rhinestones by clustering them around the other ones.


DIY Embellished baseball cap |

Continue until a star burst cluster of rhinestones has formed. This is 100 percent based on preference only!

DIY Embellished baseball cap |

Final product

DIY Embellished baseball cap |

DIY Embellished baseball cap |

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