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How to have a long-distance relationship with your pet

There are tons of tips on how to have a successful long-distance relationship with your partner, but what about your furry sidekick? Going away can be tough when your pet gives you those “please don’t leave me” eyes. By following these easy steps, you can keep your relationship as close when you leave as when you return.


Photo credit: Petcube

The Petcube

This brand-new product aims to keep you and your pet as tight as ever, even when you’re away. The Petcube is a sleek and easy-to-use box that has a built-in wide-angle camera, speakers, microphone and a safe laser that your pet is sure to love. The Petcube experience goes far beyond the box itself. The mobile application enables you to watch your pet through the built-in lens, talk to them and keep them entertained and fit with the laser pointer in real time. (If you’ve ever played around with a laser pointer and your pet, you know how excited they’ll be.) And because we all like looking at other people’s cute pets, you can share your photos and HD videos, and watch theirs! The Petcube will be available in the U.S. in May for $199, but join the Kickstarter campaign to help fund the project and get yours for $149!


Pet pics

Everyone takes adorable glamour shots of their pets (don’t deny it). Grab your fave and put it in a frame where you can see it often. If you need to see that cute face even more often, set it as your phone wallpaper. An extra bonus is being able to show off your pet to anyone who sneaks a glance over your shoulder. Ask someone who is with your pet to send you a cute pet pic once a day. This can help ease the pain of being away and is something adorable to look forward to each day.



This form of communication has become seriously popular with couples who want to keep the spark alive while miles apart. Why not do the same with your furry friend? You don’t want him or her to forget what you look like, so hop on the computer and catch up on life! You might even get a meow or a bark back.

Don’t let distance keep you and your pet apart. Follow these steps and it will be like you never left.

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