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How to cure skin problems common during the holidays

The holiday season may be fun, but it can also cause some frustrating skin concerns. If you find yourself dealing with some complexion issues, we’re here to help with some triggers and fixes.

We asked Rianna Loving, a licensed esthetician based in Los Angeles and founder and creator of botanical skin care line ORGO Beauty, for her take on holiday skin concerns.

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Skin rashes

Trigger: Stress

Skin is very sensitive to stress levels, and since the holidays can be stressful, you could end up with a rash.” It’s no surprise to many of us who might get the occasional breakout due to stress, but extreme stress can also cause an itchy rash varying from raised red bumps and spots, to hives and even shingles,” says Loving. “Some experts say it has to do with the adverse effects of stress on our immune systems,” she explains.

The fix: No matter what you’re dealing with — from an annoying mother-in-law to pre-dinner party stress, take time to relax. “When you start to notice your stress level rise, try to calm yourself by taking deep breaths and closing your eyes, taking a nap or try a yoga class,” Loving advises.


Dehydrated, puffy skin

Trigger: Alcohol, salt and overeating

‘Tis the season of both dry air and excess — which can seriously mess with your skin. “Moisture is easily lost in skin due to the seasonal weather changes, but add this to other triggers such as alcohol consumption, salty foods or overeating and you will definitely notice the puffiness around the eyes and a lack of radiance,” Loving says.

The fix: More moisture. Loving recommends adding some extra hydration during the holidays. If you use a lighter textured lotion, switch to something with a heavier texture, or consider applying a hydrating serum under your night cream. It’s also important to drink plenty of water to combat the booze and salty foods.


Allergic reactions

Trigger: Testing too many new products

While it’s fun to use the holidays as an excuse to try a slew of new products, doing so can irritate your skin. “I know it’s the holidays and you probably feel adventurous but trying too many new products in a short amount of time can lead to allergic reactions and overwhelm skin,” Loving explains. The last thing you want around the holidays is an allergic reaction — not cute.

The fix: Try before you buy. “Always test on your arm first and try not to introduce too many new products at once so you can learn which ones are received well with your body.”


Bumps just around hairline

Trigger: Hairspray

Hairspray is a must for keeping your tresses in place, but it isn’t the most complexion-friendly product and it could cause some unwanted bumps. “All those fancy events you will be attending can call for some hairspray so you might notice the combination of hair, sweat and spray contributing to breakouts,” affirms Loving.

The fix: Try covering your face with a towel while spraying, or try applying spray to hands and then applying to hair. This way you minimize the amount of product on your skin and thereby cut the chances of pre-party breakouts.


Dry lips

Trigger: Dry weather, dry lipsticks and dehydration

Cracked, dry lips are very common during holidays and colder weather. “If this is the time you break out your red lipstick and glosses just make sure to exfoliate lips at night. Many lipsticks really do lack the nutrition our lips need,” Loving explains. She adds that flaky skin on lips is also usually a sign of not enough water, so make sure to increase your intake too.

The fix: After showering, take your towel and rub off any dry, dull skin from your lips as a quick exfoliation method. Also make sure to always apply conditioning lip balm over or under your color and throughout the day to boost moisture and keep lips smooth.

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