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Plumage nail art: 2 Feather-inspired designs

If you love nature, you’ll love these nails! We’re incorporating a real feather that’s sure to turn heads, as well as a glitzy and colorful painted version.

Painted feathers | -- final

Painted feathers


  • Orly’s Rose Colored Glasses
  • Orly’s Rose Pixel
  • Orly’s La Vida Loca
  • Essie’s Wicked
  • Small paint brush

Painted feathers | -- supplies



Prep your nails with a pink French manicure base, except for the ring finger — you’ll paint that with rose gold glitter.

Painted feathers | -- base



Using the small paint brush, paint a pink feather on each nail. Paint an oxblood line up the middle and a few lines coming out from it. Add a few strokes of the glitter polish to each feather and let dry.

Painted feathers | -- decorations

Painted feathers | -- final

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