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30 Ways to package DIY beauty gifts

DIY beauty gifts are fun, easy and personal to gift. But there’s always one problem: How can you turn your DIY solution into DIY fabulous with the packaging? We’ve got you covered with 30 ideas to wrap those creative gifts this season!


Washi tape box

Washi tape box

Photo credit: Ma petite valisette

The blogger that designed this DIY box used it to store colored pencils, but it will work just as well for lip balms or eyeliners. Cover a jewelry box or other small cardboard box from the craft store with pretty washi tape and do the same with your beauty gift.


Ceramic dish

Ceramic dish

Photo credit: Ana Rosa via Tumblr

Have a few DIY bathroom products to gift? Turn three gifts into four by wrapping up the beauty products in pretty paper and give to your recipient in a ceramic dish that they can use in their home.


Pastry wrapping

Pastry wrapping

Photo credit: Stipje

Have a friend that loves pastries? Wrap their gift of beauty in none other than a simple pastry bag. Seal with a clothespin and pretty paper and you’ve got yourself the perfect gift bag.


Book pages

Book pages

Photo credit: Helen Philipps

Upcycle an old book by using the pages to wrap up your beauty gift. Sew or glue your pages together to send a special message in sweet wrapping. Tie with twine and glue some fancy patches for a pretty and unique look.


Mini bunting

Mini bundting

Photo credit: Annixen

Great for not only a package, mini bunting will turn a DIY beauty product from boring to fabulous. Tape onto boxes, Mason jars or even spray bottles for a fun and trendy look.


Message in a bottle

Message in a bottle

Photo credit: Seven gypsies

For those of you who love to brew up bath oils and salts, turn your gift into a full package by boxing up a towel and tying your bottles to the front.


Altoids re-do

Altoids redo

Photo credit: Creating Keepsakes Blog

Turn an Altoids box into something fabulous by adding Mod Podge and glitter. Attach paper for a special message or as a label.


Soap is served

Soap is served

Photo credit: Duh Be

Wrapped in sewn muslin and served on a tea tray, these soaps are presentable and beautiful!


Free and clear

Free and clear

Image source: Duh Be

Upcycle an old jewelry box with a clear lid to let your beauty product speak for itself. We love the heart-shaped soap that makes this gift something to love.


Pretty in paper

Pretty in paper

Photo credit: Whole Living

Turn your lip balm products into perfect packaging by adding adhesive and pretty paper to the outside of your tubes. Bundle up and tie with twine or ribbon when gifting.

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