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10 Right-hand rings that express individuality

Your left hand is for an engagement or wedding, but your right hand is where rings can go to have some fun! For your pleasure and consideration, we’ve picked our favorite powerful right-hand rings that express some serious swagger.


The Ah ring

ah ring

Why wait for a man to buy you a diamond ring, when you’re perfectly capable of treating yourself? This dazzling little ring is called the “Ah ring,” because it stands for “available” and “happy.” Women usually wear it on their right hand pinky finger. (Divine Diamonds, $350)


“Fair Courtyard” ring

fair ring

If you want to stay away from gemstones and expensive metals but still want an eye-catching piece, look no further than Anthropologie. This garden-themed ring is constructed from brass and acrylic, and is both demure and intriguing. (Anthropologie, $108)


Canary solitaire ring

canary solitaire ring

Berricle delivers a spot-on replica of a vintage canary yellow diamond ring at just a fraction of the cost. We love that this fashionable ring can look expensive and timeless on your right hand, without actually damaging your 401K. (Berricle, $93)


Calla lily ring with pearl

calla lily with pearl ring

This pretty flower ring is a sweet update to a pearl solitaire. The calla lily flower is large enough that the pearl won’t get lost on your finger, but it’s timeless enough to wear season after season. (James Avery, $170)


Vintage morganite
and diamond ring

vintage morganite and diamond ring

Rose gold remains hot this fall, and this gorgeous ring from Blue Nile doesn’t disappoint. The light pink hue of the cushion-cut morganite complements the rose gold of the ring, which sparkles with 26 diamonds around the edge of the gemstone. Gorgeous! (Blue Nile, $800)


Black diamond
rosary ring

black diamond rosary ring

The right-hand ring is often highly personal, so it may make sense to infuse your faith tradition into your jewelry. This simple, lovely and eye-catching ring from Katie Design helps its wearer say the rosary as part of her practice of faith. If you’re not from a Catholic tradition, Katie Design has other options, as well. (Katie Design, $717)


cocktail ring

pyrite cocktail ring

Novica collaborates with National Geographic to feature the work of artisans from around the world, so the company sells many unique pieces of jewelry. We especially like this agate ring and its pyrite crown — it takes the phrase “conversation piece” to a whole new level. (Novica, $30)


Black and white
diamond ring

black and white diamond ring

Black goes with everything, right? Make sure you can wear your right-hand ring with your entire wardrobe by indulging in black and white diamonds for a fun sparkle. (Zales, $1,299)


Blue topaz and white sapphire ring

blue topaz ring

We love it when jewelry looks expensive but doesn’t actually break the bank. Party the night away with this dazzling blue topaz ring, surrounded by about a million tiny white sapphires for extra bling. (Blue Nile, $229)


Sterling silver
cocktail ring

sterling silver cocktail ring

Last but not least, this elegant right-hand ring pops with its intricate detailing and diamonds. You can wear it day in and day out, from a normal day at work to a symphony at night. (Windsor Fine Jewelers, $440)

Woman wearing ring on right hand

does it mean?

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