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12 Ways to make Halloween fun for your pets


Halloween is all about kids, costumes and candy and most of the time, your pet gets left out of the equation entirely. But this year, that’s about to change because we have 12 ways to make Halloween fun for your furry family members as well!

Dog dressed for Halloween

Howlin’ Halloween pet fun

Halloween is all about kids, costumes and candy and most of the time, your pet gets left out of the equation entirely. But this year, that’s about to change because we have 12 ways to make Halloween fun for your furry family members as well!

Dress him up!

When it comes to costumes, don’t make your furry family member feel left out. Halloween comes just once a year, so get your dog or cat some new digs for the day like this Petco Taco Halloween costume ($20) for dogs or the Petco Pink and Purple Dress costume ($8) for cats. It doesn’t get cuter than this! “Remember to make sure they are well-ventilated and don’t cause the pet to get too hot. Your pet’s body temperature will already be slightly higher with the excitement of the holiday festivities around them, so make sure they’re properly hydrated and always avoid any kind of mask or headpiece that would impair ventilation. Also, make sure your pet can go potty without any hindrance,” cautions Quaker Pet Group.


Costume party

If you’re hosting a Halloween shindig at your place, encourage your friends to bring their costume-clad pets for a little party of their own. Best costume gets a bowl full of tasty treats!


Game night

While you’re off bobbing for apples, keep boredom at bay and let your pet get in on the Halloween games too! Try an educational toy from Nina Ottosson like the Dog Treat Maze ($16) and stash some spooky treats inside. And for your cat? Try a catnip wand! ($3)


Some new tricks

Grab a Halloween-themed toy like the Zombiez Screaming Sam with Chew Guard ($10) and teach your pup a few new tricks or brush up on the old ones. See how many roll over and play deads you can get in before the doorbell rings again!


Bake him a cake

Well not a cake, per se, but some homemade bones decked out in Halloween colors with the Sunbeam Gourmet Dog Treat Maker. The kids will have their candy and your four-legged friend will have his healthy Halloween treats to chow down on — win-win!


A few rounds of hide-n-go-treat

Like hide-n-go-seek but for dogs, put your dog’s sniffer to the test in hide-n-go-treat. Start by hiding a few of the treats you made in #5 above in easy-to-find places and up the difficulty level as you go.

Halloween pet product picks


Take him trick-or-treating

Each time the kids walk up to a house for their goodies, pop a treat or two in your pup’s pumpkin and show him Halloween isn’t just for the kiddos after all. He’ll feel like one of the gang with his stash of Halloween “candy” and will be getting exercise as well. But please note, if you take the car, don’t leave your pet in it. Dr. Ari Zabell, director of client advocate support for Banfield Pet Hospital, explains that “pets may find it very frightening to sit in a dark car while scary creatures of every size and shape walk by. Furthermore, your normally friendly pet can become aggressive and protective and lash out at a friendly ghost or witch.”


Animal communication session

Halloween brings out the supernatural and while animal communication uses intuitive communication, it does seem pretty perfect for Halloween. So all in good fun, book a session and see what your pet has been dying to tell you. It’ll be interesting to get inside your pet’s head and see what he really thinks about everything around him.


A local Halloween pet event

Take your pet to a fun parade or party that’s just for pets. The Woofside Halloween Pet Parade in New York is our pick. Read more on Halloween pet events around the country here.


Take your pup pumpkin-picking

A big field of pumpkins, a cup of hot apple cider and your family — including the family dog or cat — equal a perfect fall afternoon. So this year, when picking your pumpkins from the pumpkin patch, take your furry friend along for the walk. He’ll appreciate being part of the fun!


Some alone time in a gated-off area with fun toys

Ever just want to be alone and decompress? Your pet does too. This Halloween, let your pet have some R&R in a closed-off section of your home — especially if he has a tendency to get loose. That way, the trick or treaters can have their fun and you won’t have to worry about your pet running out. Along with that, if your dog is a barker, consider buying First Alert’s Bark Genie, which is a safe, humane way to keep the peace. Quaker Pet group agrees and says, “Keep your pet inside a secure room and/or inside a kennel, crate or Sherpa carrier where the pet feels comfortable. Before the festivities begin, take your pet on a long walk to stretch his legs, get exercise, go potty and have fun.”


A new leash/collar/harness

A safe Halloween is a fun Halloween, so buy your pet a new glow-in-the-dark or reflective harness or collar and leash as you trick or treat around the neighborhood this year. He’ll be happy to be with you and you’ll be happy that he’s seen from a distance.

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